Remember how anxious everyone was for the election to finally be over? Only a month later, though, the overwhelming national demand to toss out the results and re-do the entire thing just received a huge boost.

No, it’s not the revelation that Hillary Clinton certainly would have been elected president if only Russia hadn’t done … whatever it was it did … to hand the White House to Donald Trump. Rather, it’s the sobering news from former Hillary spokesman Jesse Lehrich that, as things stand now in the proposed Trump administration, a dozen people could die and you’d still be stuck with a white guy in the Oval Office.

Think about that for a moment.

Actually, President Hillary Clinton’s list would be pretty similar, with power passing to her choice for vice president, noted white dude Tim Kaine, and then to Paul Ryan, and so on. How far along her line of succession would one have to go to find someone who wasn’t a white dude?

It looks like we’ll never know for certain, because … she lost.

* * *


Look out world: Rachel Maddow has caught on, and there’s no way she’ll let this atrocity stand.

* * *