FBI Director James Comey was in the news this week for something other than Hillary Clinton’s email scandal; he spoke at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in San Diego Sunday, where he made headlines by admitting that viral videos and a lack of reliable data have contributed to the narrative that “biased police are killing black men at epidemic rates.”

It’s terrible to have to say, but there is an epidemic of black men — and black women, and black children, and everyone else — being shot and killed in Chicago. Sadly, the city was counting on the change of seasons to help slow gun violence, but 8 people murdered and 40 wounded over the weekend upset that trend.

The Chicago Tribune has been marking similar milestones throughout 2016, but the weekend shootings raised the city’s total for the year to more than 1,000 above and beyond the same time last year: “At least 3,475 people had been shot in the city as of shortly after midnight Monday compared with 2,441 people shot this time last year, an increase of 1,034, according to Tribune data”

If that’s true, someone should do something.

If they can’t do anything about it, shouldn’t someone in government at least … say something?

President Obama himself has far surpassed previous presidents’ records when it comes to commuting prison sentences, this month bringing his total to 775 convicts, most of whom were serving “unduly harsh sentences” for drug-related convictions.

Oh, and though those convicts were mostly non-violent, many were being saddled with “extra” time behind bars for felony possession of firearms. Maybe by this time next year his peculiar strategy will have taken effect?

* * *