After the New York Times on Wednesday published its interview with two women who say Donald Trump sexually assaulted them, it wasn’t much longer before several sources within the campaign confirmed that Trump was already drafting a lawsuit against the paper.

The Times article was published nearly consecutively with two other reports alleging sexual assault, along with the announcement that another accuser would tell her story Thursday morning on the Today Show. Oh, and a writer for People just published her own first-person account of an assault in 2005.

That’s a lot of lawsuits to file all at once with a campaign to run.

While People was preparing to publish its piece, a Trump adviser reportedly passed along word that not only would Trump’s suit against the Times be HUGE, but that Trump was filing the suit personally.

Ouch. A lot of people are getting that impression, and almost no one in the media seems to think Trump has any chance prevailing against the Times in a lawsuit, no matter how huge.

Doesn’t Trump have an election coming up to worry about? Really soon?

Should Trump pursue legal action against the Times and how many other publications? Maybe that really is his priority at this point.

What about the other women?

* * *


The Trump campaign has sent a letter to the New York Times demanding it retract the article and issue an apology, which almost certainly isn’t going to happen.