After initially doubling down on his tweet implying that Donald Trump’s sniffles during the first presidential debate were evidence he was snorting cocaine, Howard Dean eventually backed off, apologizing for using innuendo.

Dean might have earned a medical degree, but “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher invoked her own expert status with the drug to tweet that yes, Trump absolutely was high during the second sniffle-filled debate.

To be honest, if that’s even meant as a sincere swipe at the GOP nominee, it’s the very least of the anti-Trump posts and retweets on Fisher’s timeline.

First lady Nancy Reagan was the target of ridicule back in the day for her “Just Say No” campaign against drugs, but in 2016, the real crime seems to be doing a drug that’s just so unfashionable and uncool — everyone was supposed to have given up their coke habits by the mid ’90s at the latest.

Wouldn’t The Donald also be slim and trim like Harry Reid if he were snorting coke?