As expected, protesters reconvened in uptown Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday night in even larger number numbers to demonstrate following the officer-involved shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott. Protesters surrounded police headquarters and began to march through the streets when (unconfirmed) reports of someone being shot began to spread.

Not good:

It’s worth noting that the next tweet attributing the shooting to a police officer is qualified as “unconfirmed.”

Obviously no one on the streets in Charlotte can hear us, but please — let’s call it a night, move somewhere safe, and clear the way for emergency crews.

A city councilwoman is saying that the shooting did not involve the police, but she makes no mention of a fatality.


There are multiple reports now that the person who was shot has died.


“Absolutely chaotic” is right. Even setting aside the fatal shooting, the protest march would still count as violent and destructive.

This does not look wise:


After the police chief confirmed that the shooting victim had died, the City of Charlotte has issued a correction, saying instead that the victim is on life support in critical condition.

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