Donald Trump might have picked another unnecessary fight Monday as he accused the fire marshal in Columbus of turning away thousands of people “purely for political reasons,” but it looks like Hillary Clinton wasn’t at risk of violating any fire codes Sunday morning.

Her milkshake might have brought all the reporters to Grandpa’s Cheese Barn for an adorable photo op, but the audience at the Imani Temple in Cleveland earlier looked a little sparse.

We didn’t say it wasn’t a great crowd — just not a very large one.

If there’s another shot of the audience for comparison, we’d love to see it. NPR’s correspondent did offer a lovely shot of a stained glass window and a bit of Clinton’s preaching.

It’s too bad Clinton and Kaine didn’t bring milkshakes for everyone in Columbus, as the candidates arrived an hour and a half late while around 50 people fell ill due to heat-related illness.

Ouch — she’d better put some ice on that burn. But running late does seem to be a problem, as supporters in Youngstown, Ohio learned Saturday night.

Between a late-night rally and an early morning of campaigning from the pulpit, we’ll bet Hillary Clinton really, really enjoys running mate Tim Kaine’s after-midnight harmonica jams.

Wonder how many of those harmonicas he ended up swallowing.