There was quite a bit of buzz online last week after Hashim Nzinga, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, told Reuters that his organization was planning an armed protest outside the Republican National Convention in Cleveland “if it is an open state to carry.” (It is.)

As Twitchy reported, the New Black Panthers weren’t the only ones planning to exercise their right to carry arms openly, although according to a local TV reporter, the New Black Panthers passed on their armed protest. In fact, things in Cleveland have (so far) been remarkably calm, with police reporting only five arrests as of Tuesday morning.

Malik Shabazz, former National Chairman of the New Black Panther Party, must be disappointed. On Saturday, his National March and Massive Rally Against Racism, Injustice and White Supremacy in Cleveland attracted fewer than 100 people, and on Monday night he told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly he expected violence in the streets by the end of the Republican National Convention.

Here’s hoping that Shabazz is as wrong in that prediction as he was predicting 10,000 at the “massive” rally he organized. Open carry hasn’t proved yet to be the disaster some feared.

Many carrying guns described themselves as pro-Trump, but certainly not all.

Note: He said “assault rifles” — we didn’t.

The guy above was seen just about everywhere, including shaking hands with law enforcement.

His pal, also a Trump protester, was also carrying, and we award him the distinction of Open Carry Photo of the Day.

There’s still a chance that there could be trouble (there are currently reports of some pushing and shoving in Public Square), but let’s hope Shabazz and fellow agitators have a really, really boring time in Cleveland.

One minute: we promised hugs. Word is that the Huffington Post’s Jennifer Bendery brokered this brief love fest between an armed Trump supporter and a protester from Code Pink offering free hugs.