It shouldn’t be news, but it is. As Twitchy has reported, if you’re not jazzed for the $150 million “Ghostbusters” reboot that hits theaters in July, you’re most definitely sexist and probably a Donald Trump supporter desperately clinging to the idea that things should never “evolve.”

According to star Melissa McCarthy, you could just be another hate-spewing social media troll in need of some friends. Or, maybe — just maybe — you’re one of the millions who watched the first trailer for the movie and simply found it painfully unfunny.

Who you gonna call when haters are trashing your movie online? BuzzFeed! The site on Tuesday offered supporters of the film a number of options to support it.

For example:

It’s a movie? So much history is being made this year, so much progress … why endanger all of that by letting a female-centered “Ghostbusters” tank at the box office? This is important. This means something.

Not that the filmmakers are counting on feminists to help the movie at least break even, but look, all of the women involved in the production are literally holding up their “woman cards.” Not pictured is the movie’s director, since he’s a man.