Following Sen. Chris Murphy’s 15-hour filibuster and some utterly shameless tweets by him and his colleagues, the Senate on Monday at last voted on four gun control bills, and things didn’t go well for the gun control crowd.

What, exactly, would those measures have done?

Potential terrorists? “Minority Report” was a good movie, but even having psychics dispatch police to stop crimes that haven’t even happened yet didn’t work out very well in the end.

Or are we talking about that secret terrorist watch list maintained by the government — the same government that tracked Fox News co-conspirator James Rosen’s movements, read his emails, and tapped into his and his parents’ phone records? What’s the overlap with those who applied for tax exempt status with the IRS and were flagged for using scary words like “tea party” and “patriot” in their applications?

It’s a conundrum.

Who suspected that due process and other constitutional rights for American citizens would survive the emotional blackmail the Democrats engaged in from the top down, with President Obama visiting a makeshift memorial in Orlando, Fla., and telling opponents of his gun control proposals that they too should meet with the loved ones of those gunned down by a man whose motive was impossible to determine.

Hillary Clinton learned well from her time in the Obama administration. She already was a self-accomplished liar, but exploiting tragedy for a political agenda? Her rapid response team took care of that quickly after four gun control bills failed in the Senate Monday.

Yeah, that’s not quite the full Hillary Clinton statement. Jesse Lehrich declined to mention the list of names of those killed in the Orlando shooting. Were all of the families of those killed on board with Clinton using their loved ones in what’s essentially a campaign ad?

Since Clinton is keeping such close track of those killed by firearms, the Chicago Tribune reported Monday that the city reached 300 homicides over Father’s Day weekend, with 59 shot, 13 fatally. What were their names, Hillary? Anybody?

It’s almost as if their deaths had no political value to exploit this week.