Earlier this year, students at Rutgers made their parents proud by putting their academically honed rhetorical skills into practice, smearing themselves with fake blood to protest a campus appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Now it’s UC Irvine’s turn to deal with the creeping terror who goes by the ominous Twitter handle @Nero.

According to a report in campus paper The Tab, posters made by College Republicans and UC Irvine’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter announcing a campus appearance by the openly gay Yiannopoulos have apparently triggered Vice Provost for Academic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Douglas M. Haynes. Rather than let the whole thing blow over, Haynes suggested that students bone up by attending Safe Zone training.


It’s worth noting that Safe Zone training is offered throughout the academic year, but luckily for current students, there’s at least one session scheduled before Yiannopoulos arrives to speak as part of his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.”

The threat to the special snowflakes on campus has to do with provocative quotes on the posters taken from Yiannopoulos himself, such as “Make America Gay Again” and “If you can take a dick, you can take a joke.”

UCI College Republicans President Ariana Rowlands acknowledged that some of the posters “invaded some safe spaces” but did the job they were meant to do: “They created a thought within the minds of students that they would not have otherwise had.”

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