“Secret Service” is floating up and down among Twitter’s trending topics Monday night, and it’s no surprise that journalists in particular are concerned with an incident at a Donald Trump rally today in which a Secret Service agent providing security at the rally choke-slammed Christopher Morris, a photographer for TIME, in a particularly quick and violent fashion.

A handful of tweeters laid the blame at Trump’s feet, implying that his rhetoric inspires violent behavior. Jay Rosen, who teaches journalism at NYU, predicts that more such incidents will occur before the campaign is over.

Keeping in mind that we’re apparently narrowing the liberal definition of violence to its traditional meaning, does MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes agree that “real violence” is inevitable?

One implication that can be drawn from Rosen’s tweet is that “real” violence hasn’t yet occurred at a Trump rally, and yet reporters have for months been documenting violent breakouts at Trump events.

In Alabama last November, for example, a CNN reporter claimed that a black protester at a Trump rally was “shoved, tackled, punched and kicked,” while Occupy Democrats reported that “Trump’s Rally Turns To Riot As Supporters Viciously Beat Black Protester.” CNN later reported there were no injuries, and the viciously beaten man can be seen being escorted from the rally without any visible difficulty.

In December, a correspondent for Jewish Insider also witnessed a Trump supporter “beat the shit out of a protester,” who also was escorted out without any visible bruises but bearing a huge smile.

So, has the “real horror” already gone down, or is it just beginning?

Is “Altamont” today’s secret word on “All In”? The man involved was a Secret Service agent, as the Secret Service itself acknowledged in a tweet.





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