Demonstrators angered by a Cleveland grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officers involved in the shooting death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice staged a protest and die-in on New Year’s Day in front of the home of Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy J. McGinty.

Less well publicized are the protests being held for Sandra Bland, who was found dead in her cell in Texas after a simple traffic stop escalated into an angry confrontation with the arresting officer. On Dec. 21, a grand jury decided not to indict any of the officers or jailers who encountered Bland between her arrest and her death three days later.

Investigators say that Bland hanged herself with a plastic bag. While nearly all media reports emphasized that the 28-year-old was enthusiastic about starting a new job, she also told authorities she has previously attempted suicide after a miscarriage.

Breitbart’s John Sexton published a piece on a New Year’s Eye protest in Washington, D.C., at which a protest leader was caught on video demanding “a new world” created by “defunding, disorganizing and dismantling the police.”

Conversely, so little activism is directed toward real, criminal outrages. Tamir Rice was only 12? A 16-month-old was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Baltimore. No police were involved in the shooting, so it’s not of concern to #BlackLivesMatter.

A teenage girl manhandled by a white cop at a public pool in Texas? #BlackLivesMatter’s Deray McKesson was there in person to demand reform, as were members of the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, and the Rev. Ronald Wright, who told MSNBC that “we’re setting the stage for a terrorist attack in this country, and the group is not going to be ISIS.”

In the end, the officer involved resigned, and the New York Times published an op-ed on America’s “long history of water as a site of racial anxiety.”

Isn’t that the 911 call that was altered by NBC before broadcast to portray George Zimmerman as racist?

At least that’s what multiple autopsies showed, despite insistence by Sally Kohn that the “shot in the back while fleeing” narrative was a “sure fact.” Yes, this Sally Kohn:


And yet White House Christmas party guest Mckesson is having no problem getting access to shop his “Campaign Zero” agenda around D.C.