Even a senior writer at Gawker has his doubts about the website publishing the details of a married private citizen’s attempt to solicit a gay porn star for sex (with the possibility of blackmail thrown in as a bonus). Writers at other publications called the piece “repugnant” and “shameful” — even by Gawker’s standards.

However, when the suits behind the scenes voted to take the piece down, writers and editors, including Max Read and Tommy Craggs, resigned in protest. These tweets by Leah Beckmann, interim editor-in-chief, sum up Gawker’s present situation pretty well.

While most others in the new media world are grabbing popcorn, Salon writer Mary Beth Williams is pointing and laughing.

What is it with Gawker and illness? When Liz Cheney cited serious health issues in her family as the reason she dropped out of the Wyoming senate race, this was Gawker’s response.

Obvious graduates of the Oliver Willis School of Sensitivity.

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