A member of the Notre Dame women’s basketball team told ESPN Saturday that the team came up with the idea of wearing Eric Garner-inspired “I Can’t Breathe” warmup gear after students at the university conducted a die-in on campus this week. We’re guessing it’s also possible someone on the team managed to catch Derrick Rose, LeBron JamesKobe Bryant or any number of NBA players making the same statement.

That’s certainly a legitimate concern.

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick told ESPN the players made and paid for the shirts themselves.

What’s wrong with immortalizing Eric Garner’s last words in Comic Sans?

It looks like U.C. Berkeley is getting in on the act as well, but after the discovery of lynched effigies on the campus this morning, the team decided there was no time to have shirts printed.

Update: Here are the “emergency” protest shirts on the court.