With Vox still out there publishing several pieces every day, what has the usually respectable Congressional Quarterly done that qualifies as a “major mistake?”

Politico’s Dylan Byers explains, and it’s bad:

On Thursday, Amrita Khalid, the young reporter, published an edited transcript behind CQ’s paywall, of what appeared to be an interview with [House Majority Leader Kevin] McCarthy. Gillian Roberts, an editor at CQ, tweeted the piece out as “CQ’s exclusive with @GOPLeader, including his advice for frosh lawmakers.”

On Friday, the majority leader’s office told POLITICO that McCarthy had never sat for an interview. Soon after CQ removed the story and replaced it with an editor’s note: “A story posted earlier mistakenly attributed remarks to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif. The story has been removed and we apologize for the error.”

Sources with knowledge of the mixup told POLITICO it was a case of mistaken identity. Khalid confused McCarthy — one of the most recognizable congressmen in Washington, constantly surrounded by a phalanx of police officers — with another member.

It was clear from the content of the interview that whoever Khalid was talking to was not McCarthy. The interview subject said he got to Congress in 2011 – McCarthy got to D.C. in 2007. The interview subject also speaks about the House leadership as if he is not in it.