Word is out that former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is dating Lis Smith, spokeswoman for Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio. Normally, we’d be right there with Cutter: Who cares who somebody’s dating? Well, quite a few conservatives have taken an interest. Smith, you see, was formerly director of rapid response for Obama for America, and OFA was the force pushing the bogus Republican “War on Women” theme. In short:

That’s right; the woman who helped work voters into a froth over Mitt Romney’s “condescending” comments about “binders full of women” is dating a man once known as Client No. 9 and who resigned his office over a prostitution scandal.

Here’s a flashback to the Lis Smith of 2012.

Pretty condescending, huh? It’s a good thing Spitzer knows how to pay for treat a woman.