Richard Grenell, who served briefly as Mitt Romney’s national security spokesman during his presidential campaign, wasn’t about to let Politico deputy editor Blake Hounshell get away with his cheap shot calling his former boss a “noted Iran expert.”

It’s true that President Obama did speak on the phone today with Iran’s president, which apparently makes him the nation’s ranking Iran expert. In an interview with CNN, though, Romney did caution against trusting Iran, telling Jake Tapper, “You have to be skeptical when people say, ‘We’re just looking for nuclear power,’ when their nation is on a lake of oil.”

It’s possible. Romney was widely ridiculed during the campaign for his warnings concerning Russia and its intentions. John Kerry, now Secretary of State and last seen arguing for a military strike on Syria, said that “Mitt Romney talks like he’s only seen Russia from watching ‘Rocky IV.'”

Yes, what about that, Blake Hounshell?

The always quotable Jon Gabriel has a view quite similar to Romney. Beware of Iran, and beware of the lapdog media.

Noted Iran expert John Kerry, what’s your take?


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