President Obama, who recently pledged to dedicate every minute of every day to getting the economy back on track, will swing by “The Tonight Show” next week to tape his sixth appearance with Jay Leno. President Obama was forced to apologize following his March 2009 appearance,  in which he confessed that his bowling skills were “like the Special Olympics or something.”

Sarah Palin was among the president’s loudest critics, saying, “I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special needs community.” That bad joke, though, has been followed up by another called Obamacare, which Palin said in a Facebook post hurts parents of special needs children.

We haven’t forgotten Obama’s mocking of the Special Olympics a few years ago on Leno’s show. And now we see how his signature legislation hurts parents of special needs children. I guess it’s easier to mock our kids than respect them and level the playing field for their productive lives, eh, Mr. President?

Palin’s tweet links to a piece in the Daily Caller that highlights a new cap on Flexible Spending Accounts, a favored savings vehicle for those with large medical expenses. The post quotes Ryan Ellis, tax policy director at Americans for Tax Reform, who notes that “one group that does put a lot of money into their FSAs is parents of kids with Down Syndrome, and parents of kids with physical disabilities.”

Of course, the president has passed along the burden of selling Obamacare to his Entertainment Advisory Council and OFA’s resurrected “Truth Team.” How about it, Truth Team?

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