Salon has been repeatedly enticing its Twitter following today to click through to the site to read how the “bizarro” story of George Zimmerman heroically helping rescue a family of four from an overturned SUV just days after his acquittal is “falling apart.”

OK, we’ll click! Salon must have some pretty damning evidence proving that the whole thing was set up to help rehabilitate Zimmerman’s image. Maybe it’s this bit:

One blog advancing the conspiracy narrative that went viral posted screen shots of what appears to be the Facebook page of the officer who responded to the crash, which shows that he posted numerous photos and messages supporting Zimmerman days before and after the accident.

That conspiracy blog even claims that it has a source, whom it does not identify, who saw phone records showing that the officer alerted Zimmerman about the crash before authorities arrived so Zimmerman could end up in the police report and look like a hero. We asked the unnamed blogger for more info about his or source, but the blogger didn’t respond.

Quite a bombshell! To be fair, we doubt reporter Alex Seitz-Wald was responsible for the tweets promoting his story, which also notes that the family that Zimmerman allegedly assisted, by choosing not to speak to the press, has only “helped fuel the conspiracy narrative.” As a friend of the family explained to the Daily Mail, however, the family is afraid to come forward for fear of being targeted by mobs. “There are a lot of crazies out there. If they say anything in support of him it could backfire,” she noted.

Speaking of backfiring, Salon’s bait-and-switch hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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