Did anyone expect President Obama to drop the word “sexy” twice during today’s speech on climate change? Once, maybe, but two times?

The second instance was very likely scripted. Addressing a young audience at Georgetown University this afternoon, the president confessed that his war on coal wasn’t perhaps the sexiest topic for a speech — but nothing else is going on the moment, right? Besides, climate change is the nation’s number one priority out of a long list of top priorities that have drifted in and out of the president’s laser-like focus over the past few years.

When you put it that way, the war on coal is kind of sexy, in a tree-hugging kind of way. But the real heat was behind the podium, where in a repeat of his appearance in Germany, the president removed his suit jacket and encouraged the crowd to do the same, to the sound of screams and cheers.

Who says the president can’t tell the truth if he wants to?

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