The Twitterverse had some fun with the oh-so-suspenseful announcement of the name of Chris Hayes’ new prime-time show on MSNBC, which premieres tonight and replaces Ed Schultz’s “The Ed Show.” If you thought “All In with Chris Hayes” was worthy of ridicule, just wait until you hear the official hashtag of the show’s followers. If you’re planning on tuning in tonight, you might be an #inner.

Of course, many #inners are rebranded #uppers, holdovers from Hayes’ morning show, “Up with Chris Hayes.” But “inners”?

Yes, the hashtag was chosen via a Twitter poll that attracted more than 100 votes. Here’s a glimpse at what could have been.

Good one! That’s almost as good as Hayes’ disclaimer that he’s a small-D democrat. We all know that MSNBC simply would not tolerate partisan politics to mingle with journalism. But are viewers ready to accept the will of the majority?