After all of the head-scratching that followed Vice President Joe Biden’s Google “fireside chat” — the one where he encouraged people to buy shotguns, not assault rifles, to fend off intruders — you’d think that someone would have told him to dial it back a bit. This is Joe Biden, though, and today he repeated his praise of the mighty shotgun during a Facebook event. Mia Farrow, who said that gun control is a “moral mandate” following the Sandy Hook massacre, seems OK with Dr. Jill Biden firing off some shells.

Fire two blasts outside the house … that’ll get the attention of the Secret Service, and they can bring their shotguns.

Dr. Biden might want to listen to Ben Shapiro instead. He did his best to school Piers Morgan on guns; maybe he’ll have better luck with her.

* * *

Update: Bill Maher isn’t sold on Biden’s enthusiasm for the shotgun either.