With news emerging that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been hospitalized to treat a blood clot in her head, media lapdogs were anxious to shame those who questioned the concussion that prevented her from testifying in December on the deadly Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Among those who suddenly found themselves outraged that someone would question the integrity of a Clinton was the Daily Beast’s Andrew Sullivan, who called it “perverse” to have doubted that Clinton had suffered a concussion.

Here you go!

What did people expect? A doctor’s note excusing Clinton from testifying?

Plenty were happy to remind medical expert Sullivan of his 2008 election-year quest for proof that Sarah Palin’s son Trig was actually hers. “We need documentation to verify the last pregnancy: the amniocentesis results with Sarah Palin’s name on them, for example,” wrote Sullivan in 2008. That’s right: Hillary Clinton’s word is good, but Sarah Palin needs to provide amniocentesis results. No bias there.


What other conspiracy theories might spring forth from that mystery that is lady parts? Stay tuned.