Remember “September Dawn,” that movie that came out in 2007 about a mid-19th century massacre of settlers by Mormon fanatics? No? Well, Roger Ebert does, and on 9/11, he wants you to remember it too. We’re not sure who was questioning the fairness of his zero-star review, exactly, but Ebert tweeted today that he stands by it and provides a handy link.

So why revive it at all? Ebert says the film can be taken as an allegory for 9/11 and argues that the Mormons in the film “are presented in no better light than Nazis and Japanese were in Hollywood’s World War II films. Wasn’t there a more thoughtful and insightful way to consider this historical event?” This is oddly sensitive language from a man who earlier this year asked his Twitter followers to clue him in to Mormons’ “magic underwear” and if it meant something “gay.”

Now that we’re caught up on 2007, how about a review of “2016”?