Newsweek’s piece, “Are Millennials the Screwed Generation,” certainly reads like yet another apology by baby boomers for being so darned successful while leaving younger generations in a wake of debt and economic chaos.

Today’s youth, both here and abroad, have been screwed by their parents’ fiscal profligacy and economic mismanagement. Neil Howe, a leading generational theorist, cites the “greed, shortsightedness, and blind partisanship” of the boomers, of whom he is one, for having “brought the global economy to its knees.”

But while the numbers regarding employment, student debt and home ownership certainly are daunting, it seems as though boomers and millennials (at least those not marching in the “Occupy Guitarmy”) aren’t looking for a pity party, and they’re speaking up in response. While Newsweek did receive plenty of the “life is hard” anecdotes it seemed to be fishing for, it also uncovered something else.

So what shall we call these young Americans? Generation Complainers? Generation Hope?