Political consultant Lanny Davis’s failed attempts to direct message Morgan Fairchild yesterday provided plenty of entertainment for the Twitterverse, but they also had some shielding their eyes fearing another Weinergate moment was imminent.

Former New York Representative Anthony Weiner’s initial Twitter salvo of crotch shots was followed by a leak of seminude shots taken in the House Members Gym. So what politician in his right mind would think taking photos in a locker room could lead to anything but disaster — or at least little bit of ridicule?

Hey, haven’t we seen this photo somewhere before? This is old material!

Actually, the photo was taken in August 2009. So why post it to Twitter today? It looks like someone’s trying to lighten the mood in here.



Who said that timing is the essence of comedy? Some question the timing.


Come on, admit it. It’s amusing. But it’s honestly not that funny, is it?

Whoa, tough crowd.