New York Times bestselling author Molly Knight decided to voice her desire for gun control by letting her researching how much money Congressmen and women received from the NRA. She then tweeted them asking them to return their “blood money.”

If the politician offered up thoughts and prayers, Knight told them to “save it for something else.”

Just because someone is pro-gun does NOT mean they advocate the killing of innocent people, including children. The National Rifle Association is NOT the person who pulled the trigger. They’re NOT the one who forced this sick individual to shoot up a school. Equating the two is disgusting and irrefutable.

And, it’s no surprise, but Knight’s followers jumped on board the hate-the-GOP-and-the-NRA train.

The NRA doesn’t control politicians. They advocate for the more than 5 MILLION law-abiding gun owners who are members of the organization.

Posting campaign contribution numbers (assuming they’re accurate) won’t stop the mentally ill from committing horrific crimes. But keep telling yourself that.

Going on a “f*ck this” and “f*ck that” tirade isn’t going to change things. Maybe Democrats should sit on the floor of Congress again. Because that worked so well last time.

David, you should start out by knowing a thing or two about guns before you start advocating for gun control.

Let’s start with your first lesson: most handguns ARE semi-autos.