During a Fox News segment, DREAMer Hilario Yanez thanked President Donald Trump for standing up for conservative principles. In the same segment, Yanez also made one thing very clear: Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are using DREAMers as political pawns.

Yanez has a powerful story. His patriotism and the love he has for his country is what Americans want to see. We want to see people who come to our nation to have the same beaming pride that we do.

Because then they can claim that their dumb moves, like shutting down the government, is on behalf of people. You know the sob story.

Although Democrats say they see people, all these see are votes. It’s sad, really.

The best part is Yanez was so civilized and well-spoken. He knew exactly how he felt and he spoke like a true Christian.

That’s all Americans really want. We want immigrants who choose to call America home to be thankful to be here. We want them to stand for our national anthem, respect our rule of law and, more than anything, to stand up and defend our founding principles.