Former Attorney General Eric Holder appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show tonight. One of the issues the two discussed: whether or not President Donald Trump can be indicted for obstructing justice.

Of course, Holder did everything in his power to make himself seem like the most credible man on earth (as if).

Says one of the most corrupt people to ever be Attorney General.

Can someone please revoke this dude’s law degree? Please?

He easily he forgets, huh?

He has as much credibility as my foot.

That would definitely be a sight to see.

Notice there was no angry mob with that case?


Pot meet kettle.

It’s the only way they can even stay semi-relevant.

Because they have cushy government jobs and other politicians covering their asses.

And the good Lord will give Eric Holder his decision on judgment day. We all know he’ll be paying for Fast and Furious.

RIP Brian Terry. Will will NOT let your memory fade.