Whenever it feels like things are seriously wrong with our world, social media has a way of reminding us just how valuable life is.

A video of a young double-amputee has gone viral and it’s a great reminder that the little things in life are often the things we take for granted.

Isn’t it awesome how calm and serene he is? This daily challenge for him is a normal part of his day. How many of us would be irritable and stressed out over this struggle?

Yes he will!

We are so fortunate. And this is a reminder to count your blessings.

Every man, woman and child can learn from this little boy.

You can’t help but smile in awe.

Humility is an amazing thing.

Mine too.

Isn’t that the truth? This little boy makes our struggles look like NOTHING in comparison to his.

Like this…

We all have so much to be grateful for. It’s sad that we have to have these small reminders to remind us to be thankful for everything we have because, one day, it could be taken away from us.

How amazing.

Now the question is…what are YOU thankful for today?