On Monday, TMZ inteviewed Civil Rights leader Al Sharpton. During the interview, TMZ asked Sharpton if he thought President Donald Trump was, in fact, racist.

“You don’t have to spray paint the ‘N’ word over the Oval Office or sleep with a KKK hood to be a racist,” Sharpton responded. “If you have racist policies, you say racist things, within a racist manner, you are a racist. Period. End of story.”

When TMZ tweeted out the story, people automatically jumped on Sharpton and his hypocrisy.

They look pretty buddy-buddy, don’t you think?

Again, looking pretty chummy together.


It’s possible for a black person to be racist?!

Or act his age and not his shoe size.

Pot meet kettle.

He DOES like to play the race card.

He likes to deflect.

Ain’t that the freaking truth?


He perpetuates racism because, without it, he would have no “job.”

Sharpton was probably triggered.


Sucks to suck.

“Irony” seems to be his middle name.

Because he believes every white person is oppressing him.

Them some fightin’ words.