Earlier today, Grammy award-winning artist Joy Villa announced on “Fox and Friends” that she was mulling a potential Congressional run. Villa is best known for wearing a Trump “Make America Great Again” flag as a dress at the Grammy’s earlier this year.

After making the announcement on-air, the President took to Twitter to encourage the singer to make the thought a reality.

Villa was ecstatic about the President’s tweet.

But people quickly began to attack her…for being a Scientologist.

In fact, one Twitter user dug through Villa’s tweets to remind her followers.

In fact, singer Vinnie James has gone on a Twitter rampage focused on alerting Trump supporters about Villa’s allegedly posing as a Christian when she’s actually a Scientologist.

James disected a recent statement by Villa.

According to James, Villa is running for Congress as a means of fulfilling the Church of Scientology’s wishes.

In fact, Mike Rinder, who co-hosts Leah Remini’s show to expose Scientology, jumped on board to expose Villa.

He even went on to pose a question about Fox News.

Trouble in MAGA land?

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