Recently, Joe Biden has been giving speeches about ‘MAGA Republicans’ and calling a lot of people semi-fascists. Following Biden’s Prime Time Speech last night, Kyle Lamb, a member of the communications team for the Florida Executive Office of the Governor decided to take Biden to task on who the fascists really are and it was PERFECTION.

The summary on why the left tends to call anyone a fascist was pretty spot on.

He then went on to tell us all of the things The Biden Administration has done that could actually be fascist.

Oh no biggie, SCOTUS said it was not legal but just trying to force people to do things against their will using a department of the govt. is not fascist … is it?

Again, not legal, but who cares?

Free speech!?!?! Who needs that? It’s totally overrated.

Executive Orders to force things he knows are illegal? No Biggie.


Parents are concerned about their children when schools have disrupted their lives for two years.

Obviously terrorists. No other answer.

Starve the children in schools where the adults disagree with us.

That sounds like a very reasonable plan.

Put down your guns. You can’t beat us without an f-15!

An IRS audit is no joke. Even if innocent, it can take up lots of time, lost wages, and additional money to defend yourself, but still, this is totally reasonable and not something we should concern ourselves with.

FL found something that was working on COVID? GOODNESS, STOP THEM!

Side with us, and get more money. How anyone can find fault in that reasoning?

It is not like majorities over history have been found to be wrong or immoral ever …

YUP. All true. As a matter of fact, we are pretty sure anyone reading Twitchy has at least a 30% chance of being one of those things according to the Biden Administration.

OK, so what did we learn? We learned that anything the left does is great, anything the right does is terrorism or fascism.
Please carry on your day and try not to be a bunch of fascists!


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