What on earth has happened to female empowerment? First, there’s the Democrats’ War on Women, which counts on women to 1) think with their ladyparts and 2) let the government be their sugar daddy.

Next, the Obama campaign releases this tremendously, well, icky ad comparing your first vote to losing your virginity  — just let Barack take care of you, girl.

Now here comes a web series, “Finding My Obama.” Here’s the rundown: A girl named Nefetari keeps making stupid choices and sleeping with jerks. Now she’s on a mission for something more: “What I really want in my life is to find my own Obama.”

See for yourself:

Singer Toni Braxton thinks it’s adorable, at least.

We’ll give Nefetari this much: She’s trying to make better man choices. Go for it. But let us point out one little thing that doesn’t get mentioned in Episode 1 (perhaps Episode 2?): All those qualities on your gotta-have-it list? There’s another guy who has them, in abundance.

Just, you know, in case you want to broaden the search.