Shot in the back of the head. Fox News via Jawa Report:

WASHINGTON – An Afghan soldier shot to death a 22-year-old Marine at an outpost in southwestern Afghanistan last month in a previously undisclosed case of apparent Afghan treachery that marked at least the seventh killing of an American military member by his supposed ally in the past six weeks, Marine officials said.

Lance Cpl. Edward J. Dycus of Greenville, Miss., was shot in the back of the head on Feb. 1 while standing guard at an Afghan-U.S. base in the Marja district of Helmand province. The exact circumstances have not been disclosed, but the Dycus family has been notified that he was killed by an Afghan soldier. Marine officials discussed the matter on condition of anonymity because it is still under investigation.

When the Pentagon announced Dycus’ death the day after the shooting, it said he died “while conducting combat operations” in Helmand. It made no mention of treachery, which has become a growing problem for U.S. and allied forces as they work closely with Afghan forces to wind down the war.

The Associated Press inquired about the Dycus case after Maj. Gen. John Toolan, the top Marine commander in Afghanistan at the time, said in an AP interview March 7 that the Afghan government has been embarrassed by recent cases of Afghan soldiers turning their guns on their supposed partners.

“I had one just a month ago where a lance corporal was killed, shot in the back of the head, and the Afghan minister of defense was here the next day” to discuss custody of the shooter, Toolan said, speaking from his Regional Command-Southwest headquarters at Camp Leatherneck.[More….]

We must not embarrass the Afghan gov? Screw that!

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  • jb7511

    Why is this just now being reported??
    Someone in the world of journalism needs to dig in. This is a horseshit story and something has been covered up.
    That is my bet. Did our recent 16 killings stem from this? There are a lot of questions to be asked.

  • jb7511

    My opinion is that this is not under investigation, it is being covered up.

    • mldld

      I have never felt such contempt for my President on every decisions he has made….

  • howcanwefoolyoutoday

    Heck; Ft Hood was a work place violence event. Is the Lance Corporal’s wife going to receive the pittance called survivor’s benefits ? The staff Sgt that went off and killed 16; is he going to get the help he needs or just thrown in a cell with Bubba ? How many troopers have been imprisoned for violations of the JFKerry ROE ? 80,000 trained, skilled troopers laid off and now collecting UI after 3 or 4 tours in war zones, whose buddies are not getting combat pay unless they are shot at. Next we will see Obama using the hallowed halls of West Point with uniformed personnel as a back drop AKA pawns. And their senior officers ordering them to applaud. And how many waivers will be granted to Democrap governors so they do not have to send absentee ballots out in time to allow America’s finest to vote ?

  • spot_the_dog

    “a previously undisclosed case of apparent Afghan treachery that marked at least the seventh killing of an American military member by his supposed ally”

    We have had Aussie diggers murdered by Afghan soldiers who were their alleged allies as well – Australian soldiers were shot at on at least three separate occasions by Afghan National Army troops in 2011, with the worst incident being when an Afghan opened fire on a military parade, killing three Australians and wounding seven.  Given the relatively small number of diggers we have over there, that over a dozen of them have been shot by their so-called “allies” is a pretty bad look.

    Attempts to gloss over these incidents at the time with statements like “We may never know the answer to the most searching question, which is ‘why”’ (that was our Prime Minister) look pretty lame given that video from one of the murderers came to light in which he boasted that he and his fellow army recruits had “often” discussed killing their Western mentors: “”I had one mission on my mind — to kill foreigners and teach them a lesson. We are Muslims. We cannot accept foreigners. […] We used to sit there and they were telling these things (attacking foreigners) and whenever it was possible we will do this.”

    At least now, Australian Defence Force personnel being sent to Afghanistan are reportedly being warned in pre-departure briefings not to trust their Afghan counterparts.

    Google “Diggers warned not to trust Afghan trainees” to read the 6 Dec 2011 article in The Australian for more details.

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    Apparently, our government (“supposedly”) led by our “Christian” “president” is incapable of reality. After all, he showed us his true colors when his Administration dismissed the Fort Hood massacre as terrorist (Jihad) in nature.

  • Mr Writing III

    If this is what those people think then it’s time to bring our men home.