Things that make you go, “Hmmmmmmmmm.”

Interviewed by Chris Daniel on California’s KMJ 580 AM, Ziegler said Breitbart, who for years served as an assistant editor at the Drudge Report, had privately confided that his efforts to post negative articles about Obama at the popular site were blocked by Drudge.

“Matt Drudge was totally in the tank for Obama, and he blocked Andrew Breitbart from doing anything about it,” said Ziegler, who directed the documentary film Media Malpractice about the 2008 election. “Andrew told me about this. The evidence is overwhelming, and I can and will prove it.”

Guess we’re vetting everybody, now. Go to Stacy’s place and read the rest.

  • Alaskan

    And Andrew wouldn’t have told us this WHY? I’ll believe it when I see Ziegler’s ‘evidence.’

  • jedijones77

    Not surprising. Drudge has been in the tank for the white Obama with an “R” next to his name since 2007 and people only started noticing that this election cycle. Drudge has always said he’s more of a libertarian. He clearly supports social liberals no matter what letter is next to their name. Obama was more socially liberal than McCain and obviously Romney is more socially liberal than the other Republican candidates. Google Drudge: ‘I Do Not Love Sex With Men’ to see the Gawker article that suggests why Drudge holds these political beliefs.

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    I haven’t accessed Drudge in weeks. It was obvious, – his propaganda push for Romney. I dropped him like a hot potato.