As we covered yesterday, the pressure to do something to stop the SWAT-ting of conservative bloggers has reached the highest level of government. That trend continues tonight as Republican Rep. Kenny Marchant calls on the DOJ to investigate SWAT-ting as a way to silence conservative political speech. How much longer until the DOJ takes action to protect First Amendment rights against this dangerous tactic?

  • tomtom1983

    Its because Holder and leftist sycophants encourage such behavior. Ex…. Liberal Congressmen used the IRS to deny and target TeaParty orgs. DHS has targeted conservatives as “lone wolfs” and right wing extremist. LIBERAL MSM has slandered and mispresented the conservative viewpoint as racist extremism.

    The DNC has targeted conservatives suggesting fraudulent wars against women, minorities, economic tiers and rights. Leftist judges quell the rights of conservatives by denying any legal argument presented to the court with factual data and high merit as something baseless or discriminatory.

    The leftist “civil rights” division applies racism and bigotry when they drop any case where the victim is white.

    Be it the DOJ, DHS, NAACP, CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS, DNC, ACLU, COLOR FOR CHANGE, MSM and so many others. All leftist radicals enact the very same criminalistic attacks. The problem is liberalism itself. So unless liberalism is purged of such treasonous ideologs, the danger will always be there.

    Liberals are the problem.

  • SuperstionQueen

    Tomtom–it’s because the tyrannical progressives are willing to do anything as the ends justify the means. Kimberlin is just a useful idiot who for now works into their cause. Unfortunately, because the law no longer seems to apply to everyone, especially those in D.C., we only stand to see more of this. This is NOT the country we grew up in, a land of laws. It has quickly become a country of men.

  • Joe Hilger

    The only individual seen swatting back has been Michelle Malkin. She has stood up and not bent-over, on her knees, forehead laying on the floor, while a progressive attempts to put her in such a position. Even Hannity was seen to succumb to the siren call desired by Sally Koln. But Michelle stood strong in the face of the ‘headwinds.”