In what reads like a bad Hollywood movie script, Marion Barry has changed his mind about Filipino nurses. Just a few weeks after complaining about how many Filipino nurses work in Washington D.C., Barry’s life was saved by Filipino medical professionals.

That’s right. The same people he wanted to push out of D.C. hospitals ended up treating his potentially life-threatening blood clot.

Barry felt so indebted to the Filipino hospital staff that saved his life that he took to Twitter to renounce his earlier bigoted remarks.!/marionbarryjr/statuses/204359207091314688!/marionbarryjr/status/204362731460116481!/marionbarryjr/status/204364579902455809!/marionbarryjr/status/204365487285616641!/marionbarryjr/status/204372713484193792

He still hasn’t apologized to “dirty” Asian restaurant owners yet. Not holding our breath…


  • Flyoverman

    God provides us all with opportunities to change our hearts. We just have to understand the opportunity when it happens.

    • cleverpoltroon

      Well said.

  • A-K Dan

    The Europeans take ‘Flite Tab’s’ (Natto Kinase = Old Japanese formula of fermented soybeans) to STOP DVT & Blood Clots while flying – but FDA won’t allow ‘Flite Tabs’ to be SOLD in the USA !!!

  • Mia

    That’s nice! Always think before you speak!

  • Froi Vinci

    Add this to the Pinoy Pride gallery!!!

    Ooopps!!! Filipino nurses are allowed to work in the USA, but our stupid laws created by highly schooled MORONS from so-called ‘elite universities’ ban foreign professionals from working here!

    • George Williams

      With all due respect, citizen nurses deserve first consideration for employment, just as Filipinos deserve first crack at U.S. jobs. That said, it’s morally reprehensible to abuse competent nurses from the Philippines. Citizens are the constituency of our government and have a sovereign right as citizens to have expect elected officials enact laws to protect them from outside negative economic forces, including immigration that is detrimental to our interests.

      • George Williams

        “With all due respect, citizen nurses deserve first consideration for employment, just as Filipinos deserve first crack at U.S. jobs”

        I meant to say “just as Filipinos deserve first crack at jobs in the Phillippines.”

    • WJGBalderama

      Citizens first, Froi. And we don’t ban foreign professionals. In fact, 1HB is alive and well in Silicon Valley.

  • First L

    But he still hates those damn Koreans and their fast food places that take jobs and business away from black Koreans.

  •!/GRHammersmith Alaskan

    There are no atheists
    in foxholes & no bigots in the hospital either.

  • RightStuff

    Sick liberal. They all are.

  • RightStuff

    See Lyle Rossiter’s “TheLiberal Mind: “the psychological causes of political madness”.

  • DamnCat

    Knowing that these dedicated nurses would do the same for me, I’ll try not to hold this agaist them.

    • Aaron Solomon

      Ha ha! Classic!

  • RightStuff

    Maybe the crack demons are easing up on him.

  • Ruckweiler

    Since when have Filipinos become a hated group in DC? Oh, that’s right. Since Barry has to find some way to excuse his constituents behavior. These nurses came all the way from the Philippines and he runs them down? Pathetic.

  • juandeveras

    The filipina ‘nurses’ at the VA system frequently have attitude issues. If you want to call it something to do with ‘racism’ be my guest; it’s just a fact. They want only their fellow filapina pals to get the jobs and they are secretive. That’s just a fact. In the City of LA they take over certain departments and will not let anyone who is non-filipino in. That’s a fact.