In what is obviously the most hilariously awesome story of the night President Obama has been completely and utterly embarrassed by a federal inmate, Keith Judd,  in the West Virginia Democratic presidential primary. Apparently a lot of Democrats prefer a crazy criminal to their party’s sitting President. Yea.

Also, this is what Judd looks like:



As the final returns trickle in, Judd is gaining:!/TwitchyTeam/status/200097015240204290

Maybe Judd has some campaigning tips for Sen. Lugar?

Meanwhile, someone has created a Keith Judd parody page, and there is now a hashtag celebrating Judd’s surprisingly strong performance:!/KeithJudd4Prez/status/200085107841830912!/suziejoh/status/200081199148961792!/jacobkornbluh/status/200077244457160705

Someone should ask Judd if he would be open to the number 2 slot on the ticket:!/D_Nial/status/200097816067063808

Remember this?


West Virginians do.

  • JamesBoren

    Reminds me of an old John Denver song. “Almost Heaven West Virginia.”

  • Trill Laura Palmer

    today came up all sevens for the GOP.

  • Mike

    At least the criminal (the one behind bars) won’t shut down any more coal mines.


    How many of the inmate’s fellow inmates voted for him?

  • karen adkins

    me thinkest my state was trying to make a point….O must GO ……

    • TugboatPhil

      karen, I have never been prouder of the Mountain State. (formerly of Gilmer Co.)

      • G

        Wayne County here…

        Explaining to brain-dead left coast liberals that the “hicks” in WV are more likely upset that Obama is shutting down the only statewide major industry (coal mining), probably had a little more to do with the vote than their catch-all excuse for everything (“racist rednecks”) – is exhausting, and as effective as anything that requires liberals to actually think – 0% comprehension.

  • BryanB61

    11593-051 reasons why Obama will be a one term president.

  • John Palmer

    The pros and cons–now we can have a pro-con!

  • Rufrignkidnme

    one felon is just as good as the other for the Democrats it seems.

  • ClydeS

    Reminds me of what Billy Martin once said about George Steinbrenner: “One’s a liar, the other’s convicted.”

  • Marty Luther

    Obama convincingly beats TX Federal Inmate 59-41% in WV Democratic Primary.

  • sb36695

    Looks like 40% voted for the lesser of two criminals.

  • rbeccah

    Well, West Virginia is obviously one of those 57 states that don’t look like Obama. Probably cling to their guns and bibles, too.

  • Wyman Cooke

    It is a shame Don Surber’s quit blogging. I’d love to see what he would have said about this.

  • ZZZEmerald

    How long before they start screaming RACISTS!

    • G

      “Start”??? That implies they ever stopped?