North Carolina’s Amendment 1 has passed 60-40. Apparently the massive majority of people in North Carolina who voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman are hateful bigots. That’s why the righteous tolerant liberals had to remind them all via Twitter that they’re backward rednecks with a stupid religion who should kill themselves!!/dmerser91/status/200008744808095744!/bigbootybitches/status/200036644064202752!/quellesurprise/status/200031287661174787!/amk4obama/status/200034556823351297!/peskydwarves/status/200037501459644417!/khyliedee/status/200105452212727808!/InterruptinMoss/status/200072873166110720

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  • Carl Brown

    Every human has rights… But let’s kill the 58%! Is this the “new civility?”

  • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

    Such love, peace and tolerance.

  • neuroguy

    i’d like to see the addresses of some of these left wing, ignorant, hate-filled bitches published here. More whining from the liberal ‘keyboard warriors’ who like to play the tough guy from the safety of their parents basement. We’ll see who burns in Hell in the end, you sissified little wimps.

  • Deserto Vulpes

    Can we take away their AZT if they continue with the pottymouth?

  • Pablo

    Baal. Google him.

  • reshas1

    @andrewzimmern Bizarre foods
    BREAKING: North Carolina proves that ignorance and hatefulness can be legislated. Sad.

    • Amen Baby

      Its not legistlation. Its a voter approved Constitutional ammendment

  • jimforbes

    WoW! I’m glad I’m NOT a liberal!

    • Jim Jones

      so are we you would lower the average liberal iq noticeably.

  • No1ThatSpecial

    Breaking News: Both Liberals and Conservatives have people who are insane to a life-threatening degree. Double Breaking News: Both sides tend to believe showing the other side’s insane counterparts makes their opinions more valid.

  • wisertime

    These tweets from these twahtz makes me celebrate good times! Heterophobes!

  • BarryNMooch

    Didn’t all the ignorant , racist , Bigots in NC vote for Obama? Wait..what?

  • rivers

    Of all the evils going on in the world right this very minute, especially those concerning innocent children who are hungry, abused or lonely, my sympathy is pretty much completely parceled out. No hate here, just think there are bigger fish to fry when you are talking about alleviating suffering that goes on in our world. I get especially unsympathetic when people say hateful and bigoted things to those who disagree with them, I don’t stand with bigots on anything, no matter how politically correct they deceive themselves into thinking they are. And to all those holes on twitter wishing death to people, talk about unevolved.

    • submandave

      Statistically speaking, study after study shows the best thing to help children in the long run is to promote a society in which children are born into a two-parent traditional family. There are a lot of cultural issues that have worked for decades to undermine this as a desirable norm that need to be dealt with, but reinforcing that there is a connection between “marriage” and “children” is also important, and the vast majority of focus and message in the same-sex marriage movement is contrary to this message.

  • billy86

    Do you shallow-witted Libs all have a reading comprehension problem? N.C. didn’t BAN ANYTHING!
    North Carolina approved Amendment 1.
    (*defining* marriage as between a man & a woman)

    • submandave

      This is just parsing. The formalization of marriage as man-woman has the effect of prohibiting the extension of the franchise to any other arrangement. I support traditional marriage, but I don’t hold with silly “it didn’t say ‘ban’ so nothing is banned” legalese BS.

    • raanne

      So they still knowledge other legal marriages from other states that define it differently? or did they ban interstate recognition of marriages?

  • billy86

    Once 33 states approve (2/3 of states), it will become a Constitutional Amendment – Congress, the Supreme Court and the President are simply not needed! Ain’t America great?

    • disqusplaya

      Go back to 2nd grade civics class. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

  • Carl Brown

    Overheard: Hilary Rosen said, “NC voters- what do they know? They’ve never worked a day in their life!”

    • Jim Jones

      They do suck down far more of my tax dollars than most red states do.
      Of course their long history of poor health care and wages takes a toll on the rest of the country.
      It amuses me when i see a southerner go on about welfare as if that entire region didnt suck down a buck fifty for every tax dollar it paid.

  • AniMatsuri

    What’s the big deal? Every now and then things don’t quite go the way they want it to and these libs just go off unhinged.
    The punch line of course is this will get over turned by a liberal leaning judge any minute now. So why the fuss?

    • gulfkraken

      Read up on Iowa. There is a story to warm the heart of anybody that believes in democracy.

      • AniMatsuri

        Interesting what happened to those judges but, the damage is done. They even got awards for what they did.

        • gulfkraken

          Iowa will have their amendment eventually as well. It is just going to take some time.

  • Chuck Molotov

    I agree with the above tweets.

  • radjahshelduck

    Ah, the Redneck comments. Liberals will never acknowledge that a huge part of why gay marriage goes nowhere here in the South is that unlike anywhere else in the country, the states here have populations that are 20 to 30% African-American, and they are the demographic most strongly in favor of marriage being one man to one woman. But progressives from New York can’t bring themselves to acknowledge this, so they pretend that every vote against gay marriage is the white redneck with the pickup who listens to Jason Aldean when, in fact, the voter against gay marriage is as likely, or even more likely, to be the urban black in a Honda Civic listening to Beyonce’.

    • disqusplaya

      Lol. FALSE. Check the returns. The freedom/bigotry divide mirrors: urban/rural, young/old, educated/uneducated, science-based/faith-based.

      • constitution revolution

        No, that is not false however your disingenuous inept narrative framing everyone that supports legitimate marriage between adults that are part of a naturally conceived monogamous relationship as somehow bigoted, most definitely, is. Fact is that black americans are overwhelmingly in favor of real marriage as defined traditionally between the opposite sexes and there is absolutely NOTHING in the constitution that addresses, much less allows for, same sex marriage at all. You liberals that are, of course, aping out over this.. as you typically do over anything that doesnt go your way.. are patent liars on this topic.

        • disqusplaya

          FALSE. In this race, correlation of support on EVERY SINGLE ATTRIBUTE I mentioned is statistically significant. Facts is facts bro. The correlation is there. And its a fact. If you don’t understand basic statistics, you’re forgiven.
          No matter. The Equal Protection Clause enshrined in the 14th amendment of the United States Constitution will eventually strike down the bigotry of the masses. Loving v. Virginia will provide the case precedent. And much to the chagrin of serial failure in life Maggie Gallagher (former head of National Org for Marriage – failed marriage, gay son born out of wedlock – irony much?) the public opinion is slowly but undeniablty turning towards freedom and equality for ALL citizens, not just white bible thumpers (support among 18-35 years olds for gay marriage? 70%!!)
          Hold back a rising tide with your feeble porous hands – I dare you.
          Our nations founders were really smart guys. Give credit where its due.

          • constitution revolution

            You are woefully ignorant on the legal aspects of the EPC so stop trying to sound like some kind of militant ACLU lawyer on the subject, especially since gay-agenda fascists like you have been owned previously on this subject numerous times by real constitutional legal experts and the justices, including O’Conner one of the most liberal on the bench, have consistently refused to allow you pro-sodomy pushing militants to corrupt the spirit of the EPC just to give illegal preferential treatment for your own selfish perverted corrupt agenda. You cite

            Loving v. Virginia, a case involving civil marriage under racial segregation laws, as some sort of infallible hard precedent that will serve to guarantee you a legal victory for your insipid cause which just proves how incredibly ignorant and mislead you and your ilk are on the law, in general, and illustrates why you consistently fail in your goals.
            Try learning about what you cite before you cite it as support:
            It is telling how you militant sodomites classify yourselves in the same category as a legitimately formerly-oppressed racial group for the obvious purposes of leeching off of the advancements of black people to further your own completely unrelated and selfish agenda. You have hardly cited any real stats, ‘bro’, just your bigoted & irrational opinions on a subject you clearly ill-informed on.
            Almost every state (over 31 so far) that have voted on gay marriage has voted against it consistently, and those that have passed it are embroiled in serious legal investigations regarding voter fraud involving numerous gay-agenda coalitions who have a track record of being involved in voter fraud as well. The tide HAS already turned AGAINST YOU and your sick sycophants all over the country. You are the only ones, by your own admission, that must attempt to hold it back but you are too stupid and partisan to see the obvious, which is, you have utterly failed and overwhelming public sentiment is turning against you at a fast and furious pace the more and more you attempt to use fascism to circumvent the legitimate will of the people for your own unnatural perversions.

  • oxco

    OK attack NC as rednecks since the bill passed, what about California-prop 8?? what about the other 29 states?? geeessh-the new civility? sad really

    • Kenneth James Abbott

      The “new civility” has ~always~ meant “Shut the @#$ up you @[email protected] goat @#$#@$ing @#$%#@[email protected], or else you’re being rude.” This is perfectly in line with that trend.

  • Patrick Carroll

    Well, here’s what will happen next: some liberal group will file a lawsuit to overturn this vote, a liberal judge will agree, and the 39% will get their way.

    Democracy. It’s a beautiful thing.

    • disqusplaya

      Tricky thing that constitution. No matter how hard the bigoted majority tries to remove rights of citizens of the United States, our founding fathers had a different idea of “Land of the free”

      • disqusplaya

        Downvoted for calling America “land of the free” and supporting equal rights. Has the Taliban come to the USA?

        • Jim Jones

          inbred southern hicks havent a clue what the views and history of the United States nor its Founding Members were beyond the buzzwords fed to them by Malkin, Faux News etc. You cant blame them really they are merely ignorant and genetically crippled

          • tomtom1983

            Wow, your about as ignorant as ignorant comes. First your comment is incredibly racist. Second, I’m not certain about when liberals became huge hypocrites, but somewhere down the line you lost a few brain cells that have severely lowered your comprehension.

            And unless you are schooled in such studies, your are immensely unqualified to speak on one’s genetic disposition.

            It is such a shame that ignorance is as widely used as it is among liberal ideology. Its visually apparent as liberals “denounce” racism while using racial slurs.

            In either case, try to stick with civility as best any liberal possibly can.

            Take care and be well.

    • Jim Jones

      No the Constitution is a beautiful thing, it was particularly opportune that there is a redress for governmental over reach.
      It must truly grind you when it swings towards fairness rather than hate and bigotry

  • mreed12

    Evil is as evil does with the better & more-tolerant-than-you Left. Their messiah Obama refuses to support gay marriage and they respond… meh. The majority of NC does the same… and they want to rape and murder them. Brain damage, insanity, or just another day @ the DNC?

  • brian6238

    These are the kind of people we are up against folks. These individuals have a very small vocabulary, hence all the f-bombs, and we’re the rednecks? This is a great victory for NC.

  • SClanding

    Maybe the people of North Carolina just didn’t want vile, disturbed pieces of trash like these intolerant, violent bigots in their state.

  • sara56

    Isn’t it strange that gays want marriage without respecting the religion it is based on? You can not have both. If they want a civil union that’s fine. But when you demand marriage between same sex couples you are infringing on freedom of religion. The various religious denominations own the concept of marriage. It’s kind of ridiculous to demand marriage when you don’t accept the accompaining religion.

    • raanne

      They don’t want religious marriage they want civil marriage. They already HAVE religious marriage, as there are plenty of churches that perform and officiate same sex marriage. What they don’t have is a legal government recognition of that marriage. THIS is what they are fighting for.

    • Jim Jones

      your grasp of history is as shaky as your grasp of the theological narrative.
      Christianity is the johnny come lately to the monotheistic party. Marriage as an institution has been around as long as Cro-magon has.
      Of course in the fevered world of southern theology the earth is 6000 years old and jesus rode around on a dinosaur usually with its tail dragging on the ground.

      • sara56

        And you have no cognitive grasp, Jim. Where did state anything about Christians? I stated various religions. Jews, Hindi, Buddhism, muslims are also religeous groups. You jumped on Christians and actually think they are all contained in the south. And dinosaurs were not around when Jesus was on earth. Yet my grasp of history is shaky? Try not to post when you are angry, that might help. You’ll only make a fool of yourself.

  • brian6238

    These people are so far from reality it is sickining. “GO KILL YOURSELVES” come on people do you really want someone to die over this? We don’t want our children growing up in a world where we have to explain to them why two men are holding hands and kissing. Just disgusting. The animal kingdom knows better than that. God we need your help.

    • Jim Jones

      may as well ask santa claus you would get the same answer even.

    • IrishEddieOHara

      Yes. We see all the “loving’ liberal compassion and tolerance” on display here.

  • omar2


    ” . . . .it seems the nc voters have the same opinion as obama has, so why all the hate? or don’t the fudgies know obama is against gay marraige too?”

    He’s not really against gay marriage, he’s only pretending to be to fool the rubes in the swing states. If he wins the next election, he won’t need to lie any more, and we’ll get to see the true face of the america hating, community organizing, far left ideologue up close and in person! Oh joy :(

  • VanessaEsther

    Ah, these must be the “nice” gay people Hollywood celebs and Democrats rave about. Lovely.

    luv NC btw. Would love to live there.

  • CavalierX

    Just imagine what these tweets would look like if LIberals WEREN’T all so understanding, tolerant, peace-loving, open to other people’s points of view and so on.

  • Dominofrost

    But they can still legally marry their first cousins… You can see where their priorities are.

    • Jim Jones

      Keep it in the family yay sexy time!
      that whole region is just bughouse insane.


    California voters passed a ban too. I guess they are all bigots out there as well.

  • mommasaurus009

    Apparently, “Democrat” doesn’t stand for Democracy! They whined and fought Prop 8 bcuz the majority of Cal. didn’t vote the way they wanted, trying 2 oust Gov. Walker even tho he won the vote, now NC..What do they think “Voting” means..idiots!

  • MovingToNevada

    Such tolerance, from the “tolerant” left.

    • raanne

      As they say “Your freedom to swing your fist ends at my nose.”. Its hard to be tolerant of people actively trying to hurt you and take away your rights.

      • MovingToNevada

        Hmm, so name calling and violence is your answer. I never expected anything more from the left.

  • Nixonfan

    So you mean that, despite Glee, Chaz Bono and Will & Grace, they still voted against gay marriage? Is that legal?

  • David Challis

    You have to wonder based on the similarity of these Tweets whether any of these people had an original thought. They are all using the same vugarities in their tweets.

  • marine37

    Through the voting booths the will of the people has spoken. Now, a message from one conservative to all you liberals out there. Go out and keep the HIV going and die you fucktards. Now wasn’t that a terrible thing to say? Yes it was and I don’t mean it. I don’t care what you people do in your bedrooms, just STFU and go away. You are not special, you are abnormal in your actions.

  • ActinUpinTexas

    We are fighting for OUR rights too….. Our right to say NO to marriage under assault by gay and lesbian zealots and miscreants. The capitulations were started with the compromise of “Civil Unions” being accepted as legal so people that were gay and in a relationship could get healthcare and other employment benefits for their registered partners… especially in government jobs that have great Cadillac health benefits. The argument was… non-gay marriages even if the marriage is only on paper gives the couple benefits for their spouses and their children including SSI and death benefits. There is some truth to that.

    The problem is however a fundamental and religious history and belief in “Marriage” recognized as being between one man & one woman…. (side arguments do exist for multiple wives to one husband and vice versa but the law in U.S. states has been One Man & One Woman).

    WE get a say…..We get to vote….. I am always amazed at how angry and hateful the Pro gay marriage becomes when their lifestyle is rejected. I believe it is abnormal and I GET to believe that, I have never ever threatened to kill someone that disagrees with that…. why do they get a pass? Amazed, but not surprised ever… Contractual agreements can be made with anyone for anything pretty much, so most of the gay/lesbian civil union laws in the states that approved them should have been enough…..but it isn’t and it won’t be ever be because that is NOT what this is all about…. What they want….. what they are demanding is acceptance… of unacceptable deviant behavior and for some of us is NEVER going to happen.

  • jake jones

    All the ‘go kill yourself’ comments are ironic considering the disproportionate suicide rates among gays. Now more gays are going to kill themselves because the government didn’t reinforce and justify their own personal lifestyle choice. Oh well, keep reaching for that rainbow…..

  • barryclinton

    The candidate of these people posting all this poison is Barack Obama. Do we want to give him (and them) another term? That’s about all you need to say…

  • constitution revolution

    Isn’t it telling how all these virulent & hateful libs are the first to start screaming for the deaths of their opponents and consistently use foul language to state their opinions? If the MSM was forced to cover this typical sort of behavior from leftist, as that is the only way they ever would do it, then I’m sure they would attempt to excuse it as the over passionate cries of the oppressed who should be ardently listened to with both ears and a open mind while these animals would be foaming at the mouth yelling obscenities and simultaneously flinging spittle at everyone within a mile radius.

  • ToursLepantoVienna

    Marriage is the bedrock on which western civilization stands.

    No wonder lefties do everything in their power to diminish its significance and twist its meaning.

  • Rob_in_STL

    The thing I find most puzzling here, given that African Americans in NC are overwhelmingly AGAINST gay marriage and supported the amendment even more than whites did, doesn’t that make all of the libtards calling on the voters in NC to kill themselves racists?

  • paulejb

    Lovely people. Do they kiss their mothers with that mouth?

  • Gregory

    I did not know Cher had so many twitter accounts!

  • tomtom1983

    Is there not one liberal in all of liberaldom, that actually believes in tolerance and democratic principles?

    From liberal behavior it would seem the liberalistic ideology is as morally bankrupt as their fiscal comprehension is irresponsibly negligent. I mean you call corporate bigwigs greedy and inhuman but accept corporate funds out the ying yang.

    You claim to fight racism but instead encourage it. You claim the 1% don’t pay their “fair share”, but how many liberals failed in paying their “fair share”, like Buffet owing nearly a billion in unpaid taxes.

    You claim the right wants to suppress the minority vote, but I have yet to see the left take up and condemn the new black panthers suppressing the white vote in Philadelphia. I have yet to see the left express their outrage with illegals voting in the electorate.

    You claim capitalism is evil and it somehow restricts the common man from rising in success and favors the elite, yet a socialist run economy would by law restrict the very same people and only allow a select few, the government, complete dominance, a.k.a the federal elite.

    Liberal rhetoric contradicts Liberal actuality. Hypocrites in arms.

  • oldpap1861

    Lefty intelligence shining through.

  • Frank Vega

    Wishing death Upon someone else is just as bad as Murdering those persons. When you ask for Democracy to answer a question and And then in turn the question asked in rejected by the people . Your answer is to kill them by wishing them dead? You are just as bad as the person that is ignorant to your cause.

    • Frank Vega

      If you want people to support something don’t ask Government to do something Change the idea of the people themselves, Convince the people why it would be good. That is the way you make people think outside the box.

  • Mark Stevens

    To me this says that so-called liberals are intolerant and bigoted. It also proves that they have little understanding. They also have no tolerance for people who define things as they were meant to be. Nice tantruming though-Now if the libs would only grow up and stop acting like spoiled brats. The rest of us are sick of it.

  • Winston Oboogie

    Wow. H8RS. No opinion is right except yours? Maybe you could just get/stay out of NC?