So much for the Left endlessly bringing up when Romney put his dog in a crate on the top of his car decades ago.

Sure, Romney did put his dog on the top of his car. But Obama, by his own account, actually ate a dog. So, yeah.!/fragmentally/status/192415728597598209


And, of course, #obamadogrecipes are in abundance and now trending:!/stevenbadger/status/192428722102599680

There are enough submissions for a full cookbook! Hmmm…coming to a First Lady-approved school lunch menu near you?


Here’s the audio of Obama describing eating dog, snake, and grasshopper:



The Romney campaign joins the fun:

Team Obama is not laughing:



Jim Treacher, who launched a thousand #obamadogrecipes, gets the last word:


From our commenter The Ugly American and below:


It seems that #obamadogrecipes got a shout-out on the 4/18 edition of Special Report with Bret Baier:

  • Soopermexican


  • ticklbee

    This is soooo wrong but oh, so funny!!

  • Franklin Brown

    I LOL’ed. 

  • AdiosCapitalism

    You are what you eat.  That explains why he pisses on things to prove his existence e.g., the Constitution, Israel, Britain, business owners, tax payers, Christians,  the military.. the list goes on.

    • Brian Roastbeef

      And why he always leaves his other messes for everybody else to clean up.

    • stuckinIL4now

      If that’s true, then he’s been eating a lot of RAT lately, too–another delicacy from the Far East.

  • Jonathan Ellis

    You people are awesome!

  • NMBobblehead

    Bush’s fault. Just gotta be!

  • Wigglesworth

    Good stuff!

  • gracepmc

    Too funny.  All good.  But the Romney dog on top of the car so Obama wouldn’t  eat it tops the list for me.

  • marine37

    First flies land on him and he doesn’t notice and now he eats dog meat.  If this isn’t proof he is not American, what is?

  • ManufacturingDissent

    had fun.. hats off to the new media… the DMC would’ve never found this quote..

  • disqus_AtF6T98fj0

    Would America hurry up and implode already. Your fouling up the worlds air. Thanks.

    • Mike

      Oh, don’t worry, Langford. Maybe your next meal won’t give you stomach cramps. Ha ha ha.

    • sue_denim

      It’s “you’re” not “your”, Michael Langford.  As in you’re fouling up the language, you simpleton.

  • reshas1


  •!/TUASondrakistan The Ugly American

    Obama’s favorite take-out?

    You guessed it…

  • sybilll

    Treach won the internets today.  For.Sure.  Best #hashtag ever. 

  • DavidKramer

    Sorry, don’t the leftists always say that we conservatives have no humor?

  • johd

    We now know of the First time Obama ate dog. When was the last time?

  • JamesD

    If Obama ate another dog, he’d taste like Seamus.


  • $24414377

    I recall Oblahblah wearing a cowboy hat. Gee. Who knew what kind of rancher he was. Keep them doggies movin, DOGHIDE!

  • 1weaver1

    Too much. Well, I also ate dog while in the Far East, back in the 70’s. Yum yum yum, good BBQ. But then, I’m not running for office.  Half the world eats dogs, but we Americans are pretty squeamish about it. This should be fun.

  • BarryNMooch

    Yeah..well half the world wipes their ass with their hand, and beats women and stones people to death. Eating dog is just as backward and pathetic.

  • sams88Menk


    PETA to endorse Romney friday I guess 

  • mountainaires


  • 2besusie

    I haven’t laughed this hard in ages!!  

  • Glenn Somodi

    How could anyone question that Obama ate a dog, he is obviously full of Shih Tzu

  • drivenintegral

    I’ve been laughing all day about his.  Chicken Poodle Soup is just great.

    “Why doesn’t Obama ride with his dog on top of the car?  Dries out the meant”

    Is also awesome.

  • Jeff Farmer

    Look folks, Obama is as all-American as hotdogs, snake meat, roasted grasshopper, baseball & apple pie.  Now get off his back.

    • MomsUnite

      Shouldn’t that be basketball?

  • radjahshelduck

    TMZ should track down Michael Vick and ask him “You voting for the guy who ate the dog or the guy who strapped one to his car roof?”

  • Botzilla

    yes we can…ine

  • HinterlandG

    It’s a little disingenuous for Michelle Malkin to criticize Obama for eating dog meat when they eat some strange things in the Philippines.

    • QuadGMoto

      It’s more than a little disingenuous for Obama to attack Romney for putting a dog in a carrier on a car roof when he has EATEN dogs.

    • Jaynie59

      Michelle Malkin is an American you nitwit.

      • HinterlandG

        Um, she’s of Filipino descent you idiot.

        • Jaynie59


          • HinterlandG

            Right, so I’m racist because I made an accurate observation about the food in the Philippines and you’re not, right?

          • Jaynie59


        • Donya Lola

          Just because she’s Filipino descent and you assumed she ate dog like Obama.   Yup, you are a racist…

          • HinterlandG

            Gloria — I never said Michelle Malkin ate dog meat. My point was that it’s hypocritical for her site to knock Obama when they eat some things in the Philippines that are strange to Westerners. I didn’t assume anything. You are the one brimming over with “assumptions.”

          • tinker_thinker


    • ClownInChief

      Are all liberals as dumb as you?

      • HinterlandG

        Not quite as stupid as a conservative like you.

    • Botzilla

      Disingenuous? Do you even know what that word means or did you learn a new word today? Michelle Malkin didn’t eat a dog so how does this term apply to her, are you saying that because she is of Filipino heritage  then by default she also has eaten a dog? Do you hate Michelle because she is a woman  and you are threatened by her or is it typical liberal racism where you hate anyone that doesn’t look like you?

  • MomsUnite

    Sorry but the funniest tweet I’ve seen by far is this one.  I actually did spit my coffee out and keep laughing to myself thinking about it!   @IconJBG: “If I Had a Dog, He’d Look Like Dinner” #ObamaDogRecipes #ObamaBookTitles

  • ClownInChief

    I would suggest Secret Service protection for Obama’s dog.  Based on the reports, Bo is in grave danger.

  • MickMcMick

    Hey, Clinton only WAGGED the dog.

  • MickMcMick

    Dog. Real meat for real wookies.

  • MickMcMick

    Somebody just locked up the Cat vote.

  • Randy Bock

    Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of War Su Gai 

  • Mike

     A childlike attempt to deflect the subject–which is absolute, incontrovertible proof of the abhorrent practice engaged in by your Descended God.

  • Bob Kordus

    Chicken Terrieryaki 

  • Mike

    The above was meant to be a reply to HinterlandG’s stupid cheap shot at Michelle Malkin.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • cscape

    TEARS are running down my face!!!! (LOL)

  • TugboatPhil

    I thought I read that Obama actually prefers puppies…or as he calls them, veal.

  • Don Fredrick

    I hope James O’Keefe gets Dick Clark’s ballot before an Obot…

  • rbeccah

    Tuna Poodle Casserole

    Whippet Cream

    Makes you think twice about “chocolate Lab”, don’t it?

    I have laughed and laughed all day over the tweets and photoshops.

  • Peter W Grigg

    Will this episode come back to dog him? Is the DNC barking up the wrong tree? Does Obama have a bone to pick with Fox?

  • Lizbuddie

    Is it ‘attacking 6-10yo kids’ if I point out the Dogs For Gary Johnson Facebook page?

  • cscape

    As Michelle Obama knows, Barack has a penchant for FAST FOOD…… greyhounds!!!!

  • cscape

    The St. Bernards are safe…. separation of church and state 😉

  • MacAoidh

    Some more…

  • cscape

    It seems that the DEM/LIB talking point on “Obama’s Doggie Eating” being rolled out on tonight’s talking head shows is that “he was only 6 years old”….. BUT, he was 43 when he wrote about it so approvingly in his book (2004)

    • Mark LaPoint

       Our cats are all lefty airhead Dems, I just KNOW it!  I
      can tell by all that self-satisfied, self-loving sneering they’ve been doing
      since the news…’the eater of my enemy is … YOUR PRESIDENT!’  Great.

  • Wigglesworth

    What’s really funny is Obama may never have eaten dog.  It was put in there by whoever wrote his book, but Obama can’t refute it because then he would have to admit he didn’t write the book.

  • MARK

    I demand that Devil Wasserman Shultz demands that BHO aplologize to every dog in the world!

  • MARK

    Is anyone else remembering the Three Stooges episode where Larry is chasing the cat and dog? The hot dog licks Curly in the face!

  • Fred Hailar

    Does his mouth water  when he looks at the Dog Star

  • Anna Puma

    Obama lacks a dog in the fight.

    Why?  Because he ate it.

  • rickpetri

    Ya think maybe the left will now let the Shiemus story alone?  Ya think? I love it when the left’s own actions come back to ‘bite’ them.

  • Been there done that

    SOB chows relative

  • $5326605

     Obama says Lolo taught him that you can become what you eat. That explains how gay blade Barry Obama became such a dick.

    • Michael Shumberger

      “Eat more Cats”

  • weRbroke

    Never let a good DOG go to waste…

  • Jazz King

    Obama’s dog won’t hunt.  You already know why…

  • Jazz King

    B.O.’s motto to woo Indiana:

    Hoosier Doggie?

  • Jazz King

    Barrrk Obama:  His bite is just as bad.

  • Jazz King

    Fillet of Fido.

  • Conrad2010

    Bo. The WH dog is now in protective custody. 

  • Conrad2010

    So when OB is talking about dogs. He’s not really talking about women?