The Inside Cable News blog took to twitter tonight to explain just how dire a situation Soledad O’Brien’s CNN morning shows are in.

Ouch. Many conservatives on Twitter reacted to Soledad’s ratings woes with a bit of celebration. Many of them consider her liberally biased especially in the wake of how she covered a recently discovered video of President Obama and radical professor Derrick Bell.!/A4CHNIT1/status/184737331461365760!/JasonBWhitman/status/184752462945714176

MSNBC producer Jesse Rodriguez was also quite happy about the news since it means his show, Morning Joe, has a lock on the 2nd place position in morning cable news programs.

  • DontBlameyourtools

    While most conservatives will laugh about Soledad’s ratings, they are missing out on rising CNN star, Will Cain, who has given a the show a smart, right-leaning edge. Morning Joe is a freaking wonkfest — too many insiders, on the other hand, Fox and Friends is often inane (seriously, stop inviting Brad Stine back, guys)

    Remember, Cain was the first cable news personality to knock Sandra Fluke off her pedestal. 

    Maybe CNN should bump Cain into a co-host role, perhaps?

  • TimesTheyAreAChanging

    CNN has been unwatchable for years. Soledad is a useless tool somewhat similar to the useless tools at MSNBC. Anyone still getting their news from the MSM likes being kept in the dark and getting fed bee ess sandwiches. 

  • Nathan M. Bickel

    O’Brien’s dipping ratings go to illustrate that a news anchor needs more than good looks to carry on.

  • Larry James Dungan

    O’Brien’s like a polecat, she might be cute& fuzzie to look at but her Liberal Views STINK!

  • Joe W.

    Soledad ought to hook up with Al Sharpton.  Two peas in the same pod.  Race Hustling liars….

  • stuckinIL4now

    You reap what you sow. It’s about time leftist mediots like Soledad suffer the consequences of their bias with the result being they either change their biased left-sucking ways or they go away.

  • marine37

    Who the hell is she?  Is she another affirmative action journalist?  Maybe Oprah will give her a show.

  • jb7511

    Squidward would ask “What’s A Soledad “??

  • Marshall_Will

    “While most conservatives will laugh about Soledad’s ratings, they are missing out on rising CNN star…”

    Sure you don’t mean less a pyrotechnic DUD?  Against that abysmal backdrop virtually anyone will compare favorably.  

  • Ikon Dogbert

    CNN is worthless propaganda.