National Journal reporter Alexandra Jaffe tweeted her thoughts on the 17 minuted Obama “documentary” tonight. The review is undoubtedly not what the Obama administration is looking for…

So it doesn’t make a “persuasive case” for Obama’s reelection? Sounds like a waste of $345,000.

  • Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    I hope Obama keeps trash talking. The more he ridicules his opposition, the more voters are turned off. Voters are not only weary of him and his Fat Czar, wife, but they are wary. The over-kill is obvious. 

    In short, the voting public is tired of the Obama’s big mouths and of their liberal extremist media’s back-scratching boot clickers.

    • Marshall_Will

      “Voters are not only weary of him”

      Like a good many restaurants we’ve taken our spouses to, they’re trendy, ‘fun’ and overall, we had a good time.

      Is it an experience we’d care to repeat?  Oh H*LL no..!  Then the CLAWS come out.  The waitress was snooty, the  restroom was in the next County.., AND…

      For moooderates & independents, the evening was just that shallow.  Spot on Pastor.   

  • CJ

     It’s okay I’m a comedian: Mrs O’s surgeon did one hell of a sex change operation..

  • jjrealmo

    the obama evil merry-go-round

  • CJ

    MRS O worked for corporations and profited from them is one of Tree House which distributed and processed food..Wal Mart is only one ..these are the very same folks Mr Obama has been bashing when he was in the senate and when he cheated his way in the White House..