Staffers for Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., have been accused of intimidating the Colorado Division of Insurance in order to revise and lower the number of reported health insurance cancellations that resulted from implementation of Obamacare. After grousing at the 249,000 number reported and calling the insurance division to berate them for doing their job, Udall staffers denied the intimidation accusations.

The head of Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Affairs, Barbara Kelley, has sided with Udall’s office, claiming that there was no “undue pressure” place on Insurance Division staff to revise the numbers downward. Kelley was appointed to her position by Gov. Bill Ritter in 2009, and was re-appointed in 2011 by Gov. John Hickenlooper. Both Ritter and Hickenlooper are Democrats, as is Sen. Udall.

Udall’s deputy chief of staff Joe Britton was among those who complained about the Division of Insurance’s cancellation numbers. “We need to move on this ASAP — or we’ll be forced to challenge the 249K number ourselves,” he wrote in an email to Division of Insurance staff. “It is wildly off or at least very misleading and reporters keep repeating it.” Hey, no undue pressure there!

Now comes news that, according to U.S. House Rep. Cory Gardner, the actual number was 34.5% greater, at 335,000 cancellations.

Will Mark Udall’s staffers whine about these numbers too, or have they learned a lesson about trying to bully state offices to work with his political agenda? Udall’s Senate seat is considered vulnerable for a Republican flip for the 2014 election.

  • ElbethL

    Let us hope this is a learning experience for more people than just him and his staff.

  • 2ifbyT

    They’re all too high on Mary Jane to know the difference.

  • itsatax

    I’m sure it’s happening everywhere else as well. I don’t believe anything anyone is saying about this mess. And the sad thing is that even the bogus stats are lousy. They have to lie to make it look just lousy instead of disastrous.

  • Apostic

    As we knew already: If the numbers were good, we would have heard them 24/7.

    • Perry

      Exactly. They’d be shouting it from the rooftops!

    • arttie

      The hills would be alive with the sound of music.

      • Zanshi

        Nope. I made sure my Twitter app was fully updated to the latest version.

        It looks like Twitchy is on top of things, though.

      • Zanshi

        Oh… You’re a mod, right? Disqus doesn’t specify that in the comments section of your app. :p

        I received a response from the Twitter account for Twitchy 13 hours ago that they were investigating.

  • therealguyfaux ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Cue: Dems saying “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” in three…two…one…

  • James Perley

    Wasn’t Rep Joe Wilson the man who said during an Obama speech “You lie.” He is a perceptive man.

    • Fairfax51

      Ahead of his time.

      • Zach Smith

        I knew Obama was a liar within the first few minutes of the first time I ever heard him talk.

        • Fairfax51

          By the time he won election in ’08, most Conservatives knew. Definitely by 2010 mid-terms. Now, anyone who doesn’t know, is not paying attention or doesn’t care.

  • Maxx

    Bye bye Udall.

  • Fairfax51

    I live in Colorado, but don’t feel sorry for us. We dragged ourselves into this blue territory so we could have pot and gay marriage. They still think we Tea Party people are the problem. You wanted it, you got it, Colorado….next red state to turn blue so they can have pot & gay marriage…..anybody?

    • sb36695

      I feel the same way about America. We reelected Obama. We deserve to fail.

      • Scott

        You got a mouse in your pocket?? Ain’t no WE in this vote from me pal.

        We need to retake the Senate and STOP the TYRANT from destroying this great nation.

      • Fairfax51

        I wouldn’t go that far. Each state deserves what it votes for…NJ, NY, CA, WA etc. But we have an awful lot of states where the voters are voting in Republican/Conservative Governors who rule the state. The representatives to the House and Senate do what they want, particularly in the Senate and don’t necessarily represent all the people who live there.

    • Republicanvet

      I too live in CO, but still hope enough people have awakened to get to the polls and throw these [email protected]@rds out…and the rest are too stoned to remember when the elections are.

      The recalls give me hope.

      Udall is a POS, as is Bennett. Both favor illegal aliens over citizens living here and trying to find a job.

      Their responses to my letters suggest they could care less about anything other than Denver and Boulder.

      • Fairfax51

        Amen!!!! Denver and Boulder are all they care about and Colorado is controlled by Denver & Boulder now. Denver is full of people that have no idea what goes on in the real world. They outlaw dirt and don’t know where they get their veggie burger from. Boulder is full of yuppies, old hippies and people packed with money…most from California, which they ruined before moving here. Unfortunately, it is the exact same problem in many states. I lived in Oregon and Eugene and Portland control all of Oregon. Outlaw logging, ranching and farming (by too expensive to comply with regulations) and what do the people outside Eugene and Portland do for a living? Same in Seattle. The rest of Washington State are suffering so Seattle can be politically correct. Enough already

    • chetnapier

      just tell the pot heads to turn out on election wednesday

      • Fairfax51

        I wish but it turned blue BEFORE pot legalization.

  • sb36695

    My insurance was cancelled in Alabama, but I deserve it. As a small business owner, I am the enemy. FORWARD!

    • Scott

      You DIDN’T BUILD THAT!! What a complete JOKE we have for POTUS.

      I would rather have Slick Willy banging interns in the White House with a Balanced Budget and all the dead people he and Killary were associated with than this community organized disaster we have now!!

  • jukin

    That’s GREAT!!!

    In the same period Obama Care has signed up 50,125 people and 86,432 for medicaid (38% more on medicaid than Obama care) a grand total of 136,557. That means the democrats and Obama have 250% more people off of insurance!!!1111!!!1eleibinty

    Remember Coloradans, democrats did this to you. The republicans had nothing to do with it. In fact, republicans, particularly the Tea Party ones, did everything they could to stop this disaster. Vote accordingly.

  • Scorpion

    Time for a staffer to close some bridges in Udallville.

  • tacticomp

    Listen!..the crickets are becoming LOUDER, hiding the Media silence on DEMONcRATS SCUMBAGS abuses and shenanigans, but hey..Chris Christie is a bigger target!

  • Zanshi

    Since yesterday, I’ve been unable to see ANY tweets on iOS for ANY Twitchy article. Suggestions?