On Tuesday, World War II vets on an “Honor Flight” to visit their memorial in D.C. were not deterred by a government-shutdown barricade. Last night, after arriving home, a man who appears to be an Honor Flight volunteer defiantly and proudly held up a trophy from their capturing of the memorial: a strip of police tape apparently taken from the scene earlier that day.





We salute you!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (the true one)

    Good for them, I have heard that the admin has ordered the arrest of the next band of veterans who come to the memorial.

    Mind you, this is coming from local radio dominated by the left. If they actually try to arrest them, I think the tipping point will be hit, and the left will feel the brunt of the nations wrath.

    • Barry

      Give it a shot, democrats, there are a whole lot of us waiting to see what happens. They should know how many veterans there are out here.

      • Jeffrey N. Woods

        you would think they would have gotten the message when 1 million bikers rode through the city….or was it 2 million…I never heard an official count.

        • AZWarrior

          No. Libs are stupid.

        • Slam Dunk

          The official count was over a million. There were over 500,000 by 10am and it just kept increasing from there. Loved it!

          On Oct 11-13th it is the truckers. Please buy all your food, gas etc and spend Nothing during the 11-13th of Oct. in support of them. Time to set DC straight on who owns this country!

          • annoyinglittletwerp

            I work in a produce department-and didn’t vote for the current occupant of the WH. A boycott will hurt conservatives like me.

          • Laquisha7

            It will hurt you much more if we don’t stand up for our Constitutional rights. The bikers spoke for Americans who love living in the land of the free. You will sell more in the two days before the eleventh to make up for it. If they were willing to exercise their free rights and make the trip, the least we can do is show we are with them

          • annoyinglittletwerp

            You’re absolutely correct.

          • Anna Fabian

            I am ready!
            Did they ever post if they were taking contributions?
            god bless these brave men and god bless america!

          • Slam Dunk

            Yes they did. And they have one for the truckers too. There was a big thing on Facebook for the bikers. Here is the link for the truckers…


            Hope this helps!

        • Brian Robinson

          It was 1.2 Million bikers.

        • Poohnana

          Don’t forget, they said there was NO bikers!!

          • NURSE4JESUS


          • Anna Fabian

            That’s because the bikers scared the crap out of them!
            If they were operating within the law they would have nothing to fear from us!
            With other news outlets the truth wil always be heard.
            I would be ashamed to be part of the media today.
            we trust them about as much as we trust bho!

          • MrProYo

            And the traffic cams agreed with them.

        • keysrat

          DC Police said 1.2 Million ~ Made me proud to be an American. Also made me feel safe to know that in 3 weeks they pulled that many patriots together to support the 9-11 victims and first responders but also to surround the muslin marchers with 2 million HOGS!!!

        • christophercilley

          There COULDN’T have been any bikers there! The traffic cams showed that there wasn’t a biker in sight, not even on the snow covered on-ramp!! LOL

          • Anna Fabian

            You know that’s really pitiful that they stoop that low to try to discredit these brave men and women!
            They heard them loud and clear in wdc.
            They were afraid it may give us other ideas.
            We had those a long time before the first bike cranked up!
            Next time it will make egypt look like a pep rally!

      • CSG

        Maybe they should, but the VA is years way behind on paperwork, so….

        • 49_67_71_77

          If one visits federal offices, one is likely to see the poor work ethic of the employees. Too many think they are better than the rest of us.I have experienced the same at other levels of government,too.

          • GaylePutt

            Maybe they should assign those 16,000 new IRS workers to the VA instead.

          • Donna Wolf

            A most excellent idea, Gayle!

          • Psalmist1972

            Too bad you don’t work for the gubmint.

          • Duke

            Hell, those A holes would just make it worse than it already is.

          • NURSE4JESUS

            FOR SURE DUKE!

          • Laquisha7

            They were assigned to audit Dr. Ben Carson after his remarks at the prayer breakfast in Washington.

          • Scott Pam

            VA? Why torture veterans more? They should be hired by the firm they will outsource terrorist interrogations to!

          • 49_67_71_77

            Interesting idea!

          • Pat

            There are many people that do not work for the VA that would be more than qualified for those jobs and can’t get one, they don’t even have a chance at an interview. They would be proud to work for the Veterans and help them in any way possible, but are stopped for the reason of “you have not been forwarded”.

          • Sharon Kidwell

            I found out that it is not what you know, but who you know. This is a sad world we live in.

          • Sharon Kidwell

            You have got that right and it is at the state level also. Everytime I go into a government office I have to wait for them to finish gossiping before I can get any help. This is our money that pays their wages – we deserve better!

          • Anna Fabian

            We had some vets here in sc that waited @ the va for hours while the ppl working there were talking, eating and on their cell phones!
            They complained and they called security and the police to them.
            They were threatened to be arrested if they complained again!
            That does not sit well with a person that has fought for our freedom.
            it made the news and an apology was issued.
            that is the kind of “crap” these men and women endure for trying to get healthcare out of our govmt!
            That system is clearly broken and has to be fixed!

          • 49_67_71_77

            SSA and unemployment offices are no better!

        • Pam Fowler

          That is because Government workers prove the Peter Principle. http://urbanlegends.about.com/od/facebook/ss/Facebook-Privacy-Settings.htm. Unfortunately so many of them are incompetent from the get go, But because of “Equal Opportunity” Will get promoted anyway. While the competent will languish because of their race or sex. Oh well, That is our Government in action.

          • Pat

            There are some of us that do work though. And some of our offices have a lot of work and we have to stay on top of it. It is irritating for us when we know there are others that work differently than we do. Work ethic has a lot to do with the individual also. If you work so God is proud, you work harder. My opinion.

          • Pam Fowler

            Yes there are some of you who do work. My husband is with FORCECOM. He will tell some of his co-workers that “You can’t do that, that way. Regulations state that is illegal and you can go to jail.” He will even tell them that two or three times before he gets frustrated and just lets them do it their way.. Then when the poo hits the fan and they are ankle deep in it. They always say. “Why didn’t you TELL us we could not do it that way?” His answer always Is “I did but you insisted on doing it your way.” We make ourselves feel better by chanting Retirement in two more years, Retirement in two more years over and over until the urge to beat our heads on the wall subsides.

          • StacyM

            Hi, I am one of many….but I myself am a War vet, and I just accepted a position to work at the VA in my hometown, after being unemployed and being unable to get a job for over a year….I feel that God himself had a hand in it, because me personally id rather have a vet who speaks my “language” helping me when I go to the VA. This job was meant to be, and I assure you I am no idiot, nor incompetent, and me receiving that position had nothing to do with my race nor sex, and everything to do with my skills, capabilities, and yes I did get a Veteran preference. Which I apologize if you do not agree but there are too many of us vets out there that cant get jobs because of numerous reasons, so when I can find one that finally allowed me to looked at ahead of others because I am one, especially when i get to serve my fellow brothers and sisters, then you bet I am happy to move to the front of that line! Thanks for listening…

          • NURSE4JESUS


          • Gigi Topping

            Thank you for your service in the military. Congrat’s on the new job. You sound as if you will be a great employee, particularly empathetic to what the Vets are going through.

          • Christopher Cordray

            Being a vet I know how you feel, that said You have nothing to feel bad about because you got preference. Many give time life or limb to protect others. So when they can step up and pay some back. It’s a good thing Keep fighting for our brother and sisters.

          • Sharon Kidwell

            Good for you Stacy. Take good care of our vets – they deserve it! And thanks for your service to our country.

          • Pam Fowler

            Thank you for your Service. My son is also a war vet. And yes it is impossible for vets to get a job. He was unemployed for over 3 years. But then the economy did tank and NOBODY was getting jobs. While the Media and the Powers that be Lied and crooked the books on the true number of unemployed. They were really about 10+ points higher than they were admitting. All while they went merrily on their way spending more than they took in. Borrowing left and right. Am I bitter? You bet.

        • Julie

          Good point. The government can’t even run the VA. How the hell is it going to run Obamacare? Why isn’t anyone bringing attention to this?

          • GaylePutt

            You just did and there are many many people who are very aware of this.

          • busia

            I went to DC to protest this bill as it was being crammed thru. I tried to tell people that our healthcare will be like the govt run VA healthcare. Unfortunately I think that people assumed if they had Medicare or Medicaid then it would be okay. But what they failed to realize was that they were seeing doctors in private practice that were reimbursed by the Govt not RUN by the Govt like VA Healthcare! And I’m sure we have all those horror stories!

          • autdrew4real

            I’ve been saying that since the debate. I deal with military healthcare daily. I know how insane it can be. I remind people how much they hate the dmv & point out that those are the same aggravation they will deal with, except now it’s more than once a year!

          • Ralph Vivo

            Thank the left wing press ..In there eyes king Obama can do no wrong !!! Sorry keep forgetting It’s Bush fault

        • StacyM

          Hi, I am one of many….but I myself am a War vet, and I just accepted a position to work at the VA in my hometown, after being unemployed and being unable to get a job for over a year….I feel that God himself had a hand in it, because me personally id rather have a vet who speaks my “language” helping me when I go to the VA. This job was meant to be, and I assure you I am no idiot, nor incompetent, and me receiving that position had nothing to do with my race nor sex, and everything to do with my skills, capabilities, and yes I did get a Veteran preference. Which I apologize if you do not agree but there are too many of us vets out there that cant get jobs because of numerous reasons, so when I can find one that finally allowed me to looked at ahead of others because I am one, especially when i get to serve my fellow brothers and sisters, then you bet I am happy to move to the front of that line! Thanks for listening…

          • rbennett

            You have nothing to apologize for in accepting the small preference edge. I hope that you are able to work during this shut down but if you are not, please understand that something has to be done to stop the expansion of our nations spending habit… we are in trouble as a nation. When you return, God will make it even better working conditions and I pray longer and more secure for you my sister vet. God Bless You!!!

          • Ralph Vivo

            Never APOLOGIZE for your Veteran preference !!! PS Thank you for your service !!! God bless You !!!

        • soldiersmom1000

          The VA – government health care… Need I say more?

      • IBXNJ

        Look what happened to Hoover by sending in General MacArthur to stop the Bonus Army

        • Dean Johnson

          Barry Soetoro don’t know history.

      • RetiredTpr

        Seeing that most of them in government never served their Country, they have no idea what they are unleashing!

      • Judy Pape

        Are you going down to be arrested with them? I live in Idaho, am 73 years old, have an enlarged heart, disabled, diabetic, etc, or I would!!

      • jbd1975

        All vets are with you. Lets go to DC to ensure millions support older vets getting that visit.

      • Michael Orr

        I will stand with you and i did not serve but am thankful for all who did!!

      • Ross Kerns


    • Still Determined

      Please provide a reliable source for that load! If true – horrible. If not (as I suspect) more disinformation and lies and spin!

      • alanstorm

        “He says they are considering going ahead with the
        trip even if the government is still on shutdown, but when he called the parks service, he was told they would face arrest. “I said, are you
        kidding me? You’re going to arrest a 90/91-year-old veteran from seeing his memorial? If it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be there. She said, ‘That’s correct sir.'”


        Sorry, child, we leave the constant lying to the left. They’re better at it.

        • Still Determined

          That unnamed “source” in no way is “the admin has ordered the arrest of the next band of veterans who come to the memorial.”
          all she said was if you trespass past the barricades or police tape – you could be arrested. but in no way is it “the admin has ordered the arrest of the next band of veterans who come to the memorial.”

          sorry. it is a mess – but it is the result of Congress and politicians failing to do their job with the CR and budget and debt ceiling. A shutdown of the countries largest employer is ridiculous and dangerous to our economy.

          • WhoMeToo

            The “unnamed source” ==> Flight of Northwest Ohio President Lee Armstrong.

          • Still Determined

            No, the female he said who said they faced possible arrest. that would be the UNNAMED source, not the person whose name was IN THE STORY.

          • WhoMeToo

            So your assumption is the organization that is spending $80,000+ to fly our Veterans to the US capitol, are lying?

          • Still Determined

            stop. take a deep breath. and then re-read what i posted.

          • WhoMeToo

            I asked you a simple question. Do you think Flight of Northwest Ohio President, Lee Armstrong, is lying?

          • Still Determined

            As I asked you to re-read what I posted – I will post it again for you.

            That unnamed “source” in no way is “the admin has ordered the arrest of the next band of veterans who come to the memorial.”
            all she said was if you trespass past the barricades or police tape – you could be arrested. but in no way is it “the admin has ordered the arrest of the next band of veterans who come to the memorial.”

            As it says – what the source said is IN NO WAY “the admin has ordered the arrest of the next band of veterans who come to the memorial.”

          • WhoMeToo

            I’ll post mine again too…

            I asked you a simple question. Do you think Flight of Northwest Ohio President, Lee Armstrong, is lying?

          • Still Determined

            Doubt it. But once again, what she supposedly said is in NO WAY “the admin has ordered the arrest of the next band of veterans who come to the memorial.”

          • WhoMeToo

            Thank you for being clear on that. Who do you suppose would make the call to arrest US Veterans visiting the memorial?

          • Still Determined

            You call a Yellowstone Park employee and ask “If I cross the barricade and yellow tape that says DO NOT ENTER – could I be arrested?” What do you think they are going to say?

            I don’t think they would say “come on in”, do you?

            I don’t see the Band of WWII veterans being arrested – and in no way have you shown anything to be “the admin has ordered the arrest of the next band of veterans who come to the memorial.”

          • alanstorm

            Missing the point, again and again.

            Why was there a barrier at all, where none previously existed?

          • Still Determined

            See “Government shutdown”
            See failure of Congress to pass a CR and the President sign
            See All National Parks and memorials closed due to the above.

          • Elke Wall Clark

            this is an open air memorial, mostly paid for by private funds, the park police spent extra money putting up barricades! Is the Vietnam Memorial also barricaded? the Washington Memorial? the Lincoln memorial, they are all open air

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            The Property Is Owned By Who?

          • scanham2

            WE THE PEOPLE!

          • http://politicallyincorrectcanadian.blogspot.ca/ Reverend Ken


          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Thank You scanham2
            And that was meant for Steven and anyone else that doesn’t get it!

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            That is a lie Steven.
            We do NOT need Police Escorts to WALK ON OUR OWN PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • dvdcnl

            If the park police are there to arrest the vets, then why can’t they just escort them? The police are getting paid so why don’t they just do what they usually do? Something smells rotten in DC.

          • Roy Ivey

            Figured that out did you!? Been smelling it for about six years now.

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Zero and Company! P h e w!!!!!!

          • Mary Jo

            Open air memorials were opened during the shutdown in 1995 according to several news sources.

          • POWR

            Get one thing straight, for the voting ignoramuses who think liberals are never in the wrong. Congress = both the Senate (D-majority) and House of Representatives (R-majority). That little detail is never mentioned by the MSM or any other representative of the liberal POV. It’s crucial to understanding how the American government works when people who respect the Constitution on all sides sit down to do business on behalf of ALL of us. This shutdown is not solely the fault of the House of Representatives; it is shared equally with the Harry Reid’s Senate, and mostly in the lap of the Imperial President to whom he kowtows. POTUS is good only for cheesy soundbites and petty vindictiveness. Any action he takes or “orders” to be taken against 90-yr-old WWI veterans (or any other veteran, for that matter) is about as petty as they come.

          • Topsy Krets

            Yes, but the gov’t shut down in 96 didn’t have people placing barricades at the parks all it meant was that the memorials wouldn’t have anyone watching them or giving information. This time they put up barricades specifically where they knew individuals would be going .

          • Determined

            Wrong – parks and memorials were actually closed in 1996 also. Towns around Yosemite were hurt greatly economically.

          • Topsy Krets

            Don’t cherry pick what I wrote. I said there were not blockades put up in 1996.

          • commonman

            Steven, they’ve passed several CR’s…if we had a leader in the senate, oval office or even someone as flaky as Bill Clinton advising, they would’ve taken the last CR…but, we do not and its unfortunate…the only thing Harry and Hussein want is political gain. If you think for one second, they care about you or your health insurance policy (its not health care), you’re sorely mistaken. Glorified Democrat Tip O’Neil shut down the government 16 times…Newt – 1 and now Obama/Reid – 1. Note the period.

            I heard yesterday the Executive Branch decides what remains open and what closes during a shutdown. If this is true, his goal was to shut down the most politically effective cogs regardless of who the employees are, their families, their bills, etc. Shameful. Any guesses on who makes those decisions for him, I think we all know he’s merely the puppet.

          • Determined

            Newt had 2 shut downs under Clinton. Tip O’Neil had 8 under Reagan and 5 happened before. And now one with Obama, Boehner and Reid.


          • Diane Robbel

            When you say Congress, be specific. The HOUSE passed a CR funding everything EXCEPT Obamacare. The Senate rejected it. Then they passed a CR that included a DELAY of one year on Obamacare. Again Harry Reid rejected it! So, who is failing to do their elected duty?

          • illannoy

            There is a photograph of the sign outside the WWII memorial that states it is open 24 hours a day, but that a Park Ranger will be present from 10 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m. to answer questions. The Ranger can be gone, but there should never have been barricades erected around a monument that has always been accessible 24-7.

          • steves_59

            See “the memorials belong to the US people.”

          • http://politicallyincorrectcanadian.blogspot.ca/ Reverend Ken

            Please stop feeding the troll.

          • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100002220220146/ Frances Chute Quinn

            because Obama ordered it most likely and since it is privately funded how can he? mean little man who should never be president. in the words of JFK “tear down that wall”!

          • Eric

            Those were Reagan’s words

          • Donna Wolf

            “At this point what does it matter?!!”

            …..Lol, yuck, yuck, yuck.

          • WhoMeToo

            Lets be honest here Steve,
            The deflection you are doing is interesting, but boring. We are not talking about one person in Yellowstone. We are talking about large & multiple groups of WWII Veterans, visiting their monument, an open air monument, like every other monument in DC, that has never been barracked in their history during any government shutdown. And your contention is a lone or local Park Police employee(s) are going to make that call?

          • Still Determined

            The WWII Memorial was JUST opened in 2004 – this is the FIRST shutdown to affect it. I agree it is stupid of them to put up all of these barricades and tape – but the point of a shutdown is to shut things down. If you don’t want things shut down – DON’T do a government shutdown.
            as to your oft-repeated “never been barricaded (sp) in their history” – during the 1990s Government Shutdown the National Parks and National Monuments were also shutdown. If we are being honest.

          • Gadsdenpatriot

            Steven, Your mother called. She said you can come home now. She finished cleaning your room in the basement.

          • Guest

            LOL! Poor lib. Assumes so much about my life.
            Try again stupida$$.
            Plus, I don’t know how you talked to my mother since she’s been dead five years.
            You’re just another lib a$$hole.

          • PatriotRG

            and would you kindly put away your pornographic screen saver and stop leaving pizza boxes under the bed next to actuary weekly magazine

          • WhoMeToo

            I’d love to not “do a government shutdown”, unfortunately I’m not quite that powerful yet… I’ll keep working on it.

            So we can agree, the barricades were stupid. My assertion is that they were also spiteful, based on the fact Congress & the White House & DC Park Service have advanced notice that these events are taking place. My words, not yours. Also, during the 90’s while the monuments were “closed” they were not barricaded, and no one visiting was ever told to leave. Never happened. The difference between now and then, is the Senate had actually passed a budget detailing what would and would not be funded in case of such actions. No such Senate budget exists today, hence the massive clusterfuck. Do you believe the local DC Park Service would make the call to arrest these visiting US Veterans?

          • Mary Jo

            AGAIN…open air memorials were opened during the shutdown of 1990s. This barricading is b/c the Obama administration wants to inflict pain on the Republicans via the Veterans. It is NOT working! Many thanks to Gohmert & Bachmann.

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            What about….

            ‘If this is still a Free Republic’, don’t you get?
            You like not living Free? And Now Your 0′ GOVT Controls Where You Walk?
            Come on, Steven!

          • Roxanne Bridegan-Smith

            Seems the only things shut down by the administration are things that will make We, the People inconvenienced and outraged. Meanwhile the Knucklehead-in-Chief was planning an expensive trip to Asia for no apparent reason other than yet another vacation at our expense (and before you go on a tirade, yes, he just did cancel but only because of public pressure).

          • Warren A. Dobler

            Perhaps they should have shut down the ONE program that was holding things up. It isn’t as if there haven’t been postponements to other parts of that law. If it is not ready for Prime Time, then hold it all off until you get it ready.

          • GaylePutt

            That would make too much sense. Isn’t that what the GOP wanted? At least a delay in Abysmalcare until it was truly ready? So because Beady-eyed Reid would not even allow a vote, here we are. What audacity to blame the GOP for this solely.

          • Duddioman

            Steven you’re an idiot. The shutdown occurs because there is NO FUNDING authorized to continue to operate it!! It is therefore completely INSANE to SPEND $$ paying people to block off an OPEN AREA rather than paying them to just monitor the grounds as normal.

            This is a cynical, political ploy to cause pain to Vets, and blame the Congress. Well, it is backfiring BIG TIME, because even the MSM is reporting that it was the WH that ordered it!!

            Only idiots like you can’t see that the Park Service was ordered to go above and beyond to give the middle finger to our vets!

          • Still Determined

            Perhaps the people who were shouting for a government shutdown should have thought a little more before clamoring to shut down the federal government!

          • Duddioman

            Yeah, you’re right, they should have known they were dealing with a petty little man with a big ego who would burn the country down if he didn’t get his way!

            You are a dyed in the wool Obama butt-licker, and all the weight of reality crushing in on your head will never let you see the truth.

            Open-Air monuments don’t cost anything to NOT operate, they DO cost $$$ to barricade! They spent money to spite the Vets, because they are throwing a hissy-fit! And you’re right next to them with your middle finger in the VET’s face!

            You are the biggest cretin I’ve run across this year, defending the indefensible.

          • TomJB

            NO, a shutdown of these sites is not staffing them with park police, docents, official souvenir kiosks and cleaning crews. NOT adding police and paying to erect barricades that have never been there. What about this simple concept are you missing?

          • Centurian2010

            Wrong. If you were being honest, it is the obama tantrum again, just like during sequestration when he shut down white house visits but still spent millions on his vacations. His desire is to make us feel some form of pain so he can continue with his unlimited spending.

          • bullwink

            YOUR A DAMN FOOL…and a most ignorant one too!

          • Roy Ivey

            bulwinkle…your zipper is open!

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Steven, we the people paid for the build, and the materials of that Memorial, with our blood and treasure and it seems that is all that anyone is doing their best to explain here.

            If America is still a Free Republic you know… One Nation Under God Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All, then ask yourself who puts up the barricades and the signs, and tapes requested by whom? An unhinged punishing individual that has No Respect for any one that doesn’t agree with him or his affiliates. Yes, you speak logically, and they are speaking about the disgrace that is right before everyone’s eyes.

            My families heritage is traced back to Vietnam, the Mediterrean Sea patrolling it in WWII. Another parent no long alive who died too young was a Bombardier Instructor in WWII and in the Korean War…but, will stop there!
            This is a disgrace that we can not walk on our own property with out police or cameras, Steven.

          • GaylePutt

            Maybe folks who live close enough to Yellowstone should give it a try…can they arrest thousands?

          • http://politicallyincorrectcanadian.blogspot.ca/ Reverend Ken

            Do you see the futility in engaging trolls yet?

          • WhoMeToo

            I do. Sometime I just get a bruise from banging my head on the wall. But…. Sometimes you can get them to think. ~_^

          • Sharon Kidwell

            None other than Obama!

          • Republicanvet

            So you think she’s a rogue employee in Cincinnati or something?

          • goldsage

            It might help if you could write a coherent sentence. Still no one has the right to arrest anyone on this. We paid for the memorial with our tax dollars and so my Dad and father-in-law, along with their band of brothers should be able to visit the memorial without harassment by ANYONE! END OF DISCUSSION.

          • WhoMeToo

            Barry-cades confirmed: Park Service says Obama admin ordered closure of World War II Memorial http://twitchy.com/2013/10/02/barry-cades-confirmed-park-service-says-obama-admin-ordered-closure-of-world-war-ii-memorial/#.Ukw6hGwJIaM.twitter via @TwitchyTeam

          • Sharon Kidwell

            “He may damn well be overplaying his hand but nevertheless yesterday the Park Service was still threatening to jail members of Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio should they visit the war memorial. According to Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio President Lee Armstrong when he called the parks service, he was told they would face arrest.
            Armstrong says, “I said, are you kidding me? You’re going to arrest a 90/91-year-old veteran from seeing his memorial? If it wasn’t for them it wouldn’t be there. She said, ‘That’s correct sir.'”
            When he asked for her name, he says she did not give it to him and then promptly hung up the phone.”

          • Ralph Vivo

            Even to say that is a insult to those Vets .. Do you even get that ?

          • http://www.facebook.com/100000432178748 Mike Vaughn

            This shutdown is the scheme of Harry Reid and Barack Obama. This is on their necks for not talking to congress about funding a government disaster. Reid and Obama hate anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

          • Al Gagnon


          • GaylePutt

            Why would a true leader want to make it hurt? If that isn’t dereliction of duty nothing is.

          • Blythe Kearney

            Don’t forget the queen of failed face lifts.

          • jeanettechesney

            She stated how she feels the American peoples pain, as she is wearing a $1,000 Hermes scarf. what a pig she is!!!

          • Victor Whitmore

            They could have passed all the other budgets, by departments, then hashed out the Obamacare package, but no. Obama and the Democrats use the shut down for leverage ( Blackmail) to get their budget passed the way they want. Congress and the United States President holds the American people in jeopardy, to get their way. Its not about Obamacare its about the President blackmailing the United States to get things his way and not for the people.

          • http://abriefhistory.org MichaelKennedy

            Sorry, I don’t read ignorant propaganda. Let’s see what happens to the next group of vets. OK ?

          • steves_59

            Take a hike, Steve. You’re clearly a troll.

          • Wolfie

            And she is only unnamed because she refused to give her name when asked and hung up on him.

          • Republicanvet

            So typical of a leftist. Whining about what a national park hacks says, suggesting Armstrong may be lying, while ignoring the facts.
            Quit sniveling like a little b!tch.
            Would you be as skeptical if this were an abortion clinic?

          • Doug Everett

            Go troll somewhere else Steven.

          • Duddioman

            How about National Park Service officer CAROL JOHNSON, who was exempted from the furlough of the shutdown JUST TO enforce the WWII Memorial closure?


          • Still Determined

            The same person who:

            National Park Service spokeswoman Carol Johnson stood by as the congressmen moved the barriers and walked onto the site. It is up to the U.S. Park Police to enforce the closure.

            “This is so meaningful to the vets,” Johnson said. “The main thing is we’d like to get back to work and welcome visitors again.”

          • Duddioman

            Yeah, She’d LIKE to, but her orders are to ENFORCE the barricade!! How STUPID ARE YOU???

          • Still Determined

            This is what happens when the Federal Government shuts downs. That includes national parks, memorials, and monuments. Don’t get mad at me if all the people who clamored for a Government Shutdown didn’t think it through!

          • AZWarrior

            It was a bunch of REPUBLICAN Congress folks who let them in and moved the barricades. Not a lefty puke in the bunch.

          • Annette Hannah

            Correct – it was ALL GOPers who went down to the Memorial yesterday and removed the barricades — Cruz, Amish, etc to name a few. Today, it will be interesting to see how the PAID Mounted Police of Obama’s are going to be removed from the FREE OPEN AIR Memorials that belong to ALL Veterans. If this does not prove the muslim idiot in the WH is THE most anti-American, anti-Constitutional muslim idiot in the WH I do not know what will.

          • Annette Hannah

            Greta had them all on last night.

          • Ben James

            Belong to all Americans, not just the veterans…though they paid the price for the very existence of those memorials.

          • jeanettechesney

            Turning our country from a republic to a socialistic one. Plain and simple.

          • Harry W. Staten

            Well lets Raise our Hands to Salute these Vets again and again. Hitler could not stop them for sacrificing their lives and youth during WWII ! What makes anyone think they have the right to keep them out. It took just a few days for our Vets to make the Ride to Washington. Try and keep our Vets from seeing any of these Memorials. We have defended this Country in the past. Do not think that all the Vets from all the years will not band together. As I for one will! We are bonded together through our blood we and others have given for this Country!

          • Rusty Highway

            I find that in itself troubling – “the countries largest employer”

          • Mark Copley

            Don’t you see the fact that our Country’s largest employer is the problem. Never should that be.

          • GoodGrief

            I wish I could give this a million likes!

          • Danny T Thompson

            Mark – that’s awesome!! I missed it to as I read that thread – but you brought me back to the perfect perspective – The founders of our country NEVER dreamed that the USA would become the nations largest employer!! The government is the least efficient, most wasteful, least accountable, most idiotic employer in the history of mankind!

          • rsom1

            The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. … Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that “the buck stops here.” Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.

            Steven, I wonder who said that in 2006!

          • Raina

            Obama watch his job he should be dealing with the GOP and stop playing God…

          • Nancy Janzen

            There is not a door on the memorial there is not a gate on the memorial. The government had to waste money to put up barricades. They had to waste money putting park police to stop 90 year old people where there normally are just volunteers

          • Still Determined

            I agree it is stupid. The whole shutdown is stupid. So many people’s jobs are affected. not just actual employees – i.e. engineers who use EPA data are being affected. The failure of Congress to resolve this is crazy. and for the people who screamed “bring on a shutdown” last week – YOU SUCK.

          • 6cheri6

            Failure of Congress????? Sorry, but they WORKED all weekend while the POTUS played golf and the Senate relaxed. The senate never negotiated any of the FOUR bills Congress passed.

          • David Smith

            Congress is BOTH the House of Reps == and the Senate! The rest of your post is correct.

          • Jill

            Why do those that argued that individuals should receive the same exemptions as employers ‘suck’?

          • AnneLewis

            Bitter much the bully tactics and lies from the left are not working?
            Obama’s temper tantrum is so evident he is falling apart at the seams.
            Shame on “You have to sign it to see what is in it” Pelosi and her ilk. Power mad, irresponsible.

          • Bo Frye

            Under this administration, if a store owner decided to shut his store for the day because a certain group would be coming to town, he would be prosecuted for racial, ethnic, religious bias. To me this is the same thing in reverse. Veteran Bias from someone who has never done a damn thing for this country except to reap all the grants, rewards and other giveaways and freebies he could get, so now he picks on the ones who made it possible for little Barack to live free. If anyone sucks here Steven, it would be you and little Barry.

          • Billy Bob

            Last month a baker went out of business because he would not bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

          • Jay Stevens

            Down vote.

            You need a better example than “engineers who use EPA data”. Much of EPA data bears the same relation to reality as Michael Mann’s “hockey stick” data.

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            Stupid is as stupid does. Obama has bankrupted America…17 Trillion Dollars…
            The memorial doesn’t belong to Obama and his government! Neither does the Whitehouse!

          • Swibbie

            Steven, do you know the difference between a Republican and a terrorist??
            Obama will negotiate with a terrorist.

          • alanstorm

            Nice try. Yes, it is the result of Democrats and the President refusing to do their jobs. (FIFY)

            Don’t try to argue semantics here – the resopnse given is close enough – or do you imagine the the park service employee was making that decision on her own? You shouldn’t ask questions if you aren’t prepared for the answer.

          • VicR63

            This is just like Pres. Bush being blamed for AbuGrab prisoner mistreatment. Except, at this point, Obama could do something about it, but he is too much into blaming others, he does seem to care enough to do anything.

          • 6cheri6

            The shutdown is totally owned by obama and the democrats! When obama stated in his press conference that “I will not negotiate” he was telling the Senate not to accept anything that was not 100% his way. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich knew how to compromise. Too bad that word is not in obama’s vocabulary!

          • Al Gagnon


          • GoodGrief

            The county’s largest employer is growing all the time, how long before it exceeds the number of workers in the private sector? To paraphrase the Iron Lady, how long until we run out of taxpayer money?

          • ScottinVA

            You’re in a serious state of denial, aren’t you?
            The House sent FOUR bills to the dem-dominated Senate and was turned away every time. The Senate also rebuffed attempts to go to conference. Refusal to submit to Obama and Harry Reid’s every demand does NOT constitute failure on the part of House Republicans.

          • Knotalibby

            You’re right, it is a mess. But it is more due to a President who has repeatedly said he will NOT compromise one iota. He will not give one inch. He will not even talk to Republicans about it. It is his way or no way at all. To me, that is a dictator, not a leader or a President but a dictator.

          • Still Determined

            Compromise on what? It is a valid law. It was passed by the House. It was passed by Congress. The President signed it. The Supreme Court approved it. You think now the President should offer to ignore a valid law?
            If they want the law changed – then pass another law.
            But for now – pass a darn CR or budget. Fund our countries biggest employer and stop making US look stupid.

          • Barry

            Here is an idea, present a real budget, not a CR, as required by LAW, the thing you seem to care so much about.

          • Still Determined

            Budget – CR – whatever. Pass it and fund the government and get people back to work. Our nation’s largest employer. and this shutdown doesn’t just affect government employees. it affects MANY other people negatively.

          • Barry

            Not whatever. If we had a budget, no CR necessary. Largest employer? That in itself a problem, it is upside down. The federal government produces no product and at the present time is destroying the very people who produce the real jobs, small businesses in particular.

          • Still Determined

            I think it is fairly safe to say that the Federal Government has ALWAYS been the biggest employer in America.

          • Barry

            May be safe, but not accurate unless you use your own version of history, troll.

          • Still Determined

            When and who was a larger employer? Historically and accurately speaking that is.

          • Knotalibby

            Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the government shouldn’t be “our nation’s largest employer”.

          • http://politicallyincorrectcanadian.blogspot.ca/ Reverend Ken

            Maybe? Really?

          • Elke Wall Clark

            the president has changed that law 19 times on his own at his whim exempting his friends,

          • Elke Wall Clark

            The scariest part of your statement true as it is “our countries biggest employer” I don’t see you worried about the people that have lost their jobs because of Obamanomics.

          • Republicanvet

            Ok, you claim it’s a valid law. If so, why is Obysmal giving waivers and exemptions to it? Where did he get authority to change it?
            The SCOTUS ruled it constitutional as a tax even though it originated in the Senate.
            Under what authority can Obysmal give waivers or exemptions from taxes?
            Laws regarding illegal immigration are valid, but ignored by the thugs you support.
            Defense of Marriage was valid law, and these thugs refused to defend it in court as was their duty.
            Votes are taken in various states on various issues, and you friggin liberals will spend a lifetime shopping for courts to over turn the will of the people.
            P!$$ OFF!

          • Still Determined

            The authority for waivers and exemptions are within the law itself.

          • LTRaczak

            Steve, Oh really, be specific cite examples from the ACA that gave the President that authority. You do know that he doesn’t even have line-item veto for a budget. Which really doesn’t matter much since it has been over 3 years since the Senate even put forth a budget. As required by law, which you seem to be really hung up on. FYI, slavery used to be the law of the land too. You don’t see anybody talking about how that was such a good idea do you?

          • Republicanvet

            …written before it was declared a tax.

            …way to dodge the issue…

          • stickerchick

            They ignore valid laws all the time- can you say immigration.

          • Jay Stevens

            Down vote – again.

            Part of the problem is that the Federal government should not be our nation’s biggest employer.

            You want a budget? Talk to Harry Reid.

            And the President ignores plenty of valid laws.`

          • redheadgrl

            Well, it is the law, but Mr. Obama has deferred major aspects of it for 1 year, specifically the ’employer mandate’. All the house is trying to do here is get the ‘individual mandate’ postponed 1 year as well. The fact that Mr. Obama is picking and choosing which parts of the ACA to implement by executive order is NOT how this process works. At least the Rs in the house are trying to work within the framework of the Constitution.

          • Knotalibby

            Well, it isn’t a law if the President himself has made changes to the law without Congress. If he can make changes to the mandates HE chooses, he can make changes that Republican leaders and the American people ask for, a one year delay before the mandatory sign up begins. If this law is so amazing, why can’t he say; okay, if you want to sign up now, go ahead. If you want to wait one year then that is fine too. He has said he won’t compromise on the debt ceiling too. He hasn’t had a budget yet. Why start now huh? It can’t be his fault, nothing ever is.

          • Michael Anderson (WB)

            At one time slavery was a “valid law” but the Republicans overturned it as well.

          • Michael Beck

            Actually, the Supreme Court did not approve it. They haven’t even read it all. They read the one page portion about the individual mandate to determine the constitutionality of the mandate. The fact is that the bill as a whole over-rides the 3rd, 4th, 5h, 8th and 10th amendments to the constitution by forcing you to “willingly supply needed information” whether you are applying for it or not. This isn’t like welfare, where you know you need to provide this info if you want the benefits. Nope, you are forced to provide all info. Your medical records, financial records, all will be public record now. You think they won’t be? Try taking them to court after your information get’s compromised. Also ACA is not actually turned on until Congress allocates money to it. After all those thousands of pages they wrote, they forgot to put in an automatic on switch as it falls under discretionary spending. So even if they started this whole fiasco, once the GOP gets control of the Senate they can forget to put in discretionary spending into it in 2014 or 2016, what then? All those people would lose coverage again and their companies will not be providing it.

          • Rob W

            And now 57% of Americans oppose it….Oh, sorry, thats math, which are facts and you dont do well with facts. AAAAND No PASSED/SIGNED budget for the last 5+ years (another fact). We can live without the government. Responsible people can ‘govern’ themselves.

          • Steve

            The president twisting arms, bribing, and threatening to get a simple majority on a Fri Nite/Sat Morning during Christmas Vacation 2009 (220-215) when the public DIDN’T WANT IT IN THE FIRST PLACE…is THIS the disgraceful political theatre you’re defending. SCOTUS ‘agreed’ (with govt lawyers) in principle ONLY that “congress has the right to levy a TAX”, a FACT our President denied -ON OATH- throughout the PPACA debate. Facts in evidence submit, SCOTUS shot down much of the proposed aspects and specifically the “Single Payer” provisions of the Bill unanimously, but now you claim SCOTUS APPROVED…which begs the asking,…’have you recently suffered a blow to the head’? Otherwise, you’ve placed your integrity akin to that of conmen, grifters and carny hawkers.
            Republicans, or more succinctly Conservatives, have historically accepted ‘the call’ to battle Leftists on overtly bad legislation… like Slavery and the Women’s Right to Vote…those Pillars of the Democrat Party policies of the 1860’s and early 20th century.
            Liberalism/Progressive-‘ism’ IS a disease not unlike Drug Addiction or alcoholism…the victim knows instinctively something is wrong–but IT CAN’T BE WITH THEM!!! The Leftist’s inherent narcissism trumpets their sense of Intellectual Superiority and feigned Compassion but, also clouds powers of reasoning that otherwise would deduce the abject absurdity in statements like “we must pass it to see what’s in it…” or “if you want the law changed – then pass ANOTHER law”.

          • TomJB

            I’m sure you hold such high regard for “valid law” when it comes to all laws, like for example state laws restricting abortions after the 20th week, right or Voter ID laws? You know, laws passed by State Legislatures, signed by Governors, and upheld by State Supreme Courts?

          • Lee Workman

            I would love to see this POS president arrest a group of our veterans for going to see a monument that was built to honor them. It was not built to honor a bunch of power mad communist/democrat freeloaders who manage to make a living by not representing the voters. Go ahead, send your best al qaeda goons and thugs, hussein! Arrest our heroes and see what happens.

          • Barry

            So it is dangerous to our economy now? How about the economy of those who have lost jobs due to this administration’s policies over the past 5 years. Oh, but those aren’t government jobs. You know as well as I we are living in a false economy, like a family with a 50k income and a 500k credit card limit, the end does come.

          • Andy from Beaverton

            A budget, what’s that? The last time the Senate has passed a budget was April 29, 2009. We’ve had a Democrat controlled Senate and President since 2009. Funny how even the Senate won’t vote in favor of any more of Obama’s wasteful budgets.

          • Jack Burnett

            You’re right. That’s why OBAMA should not be doing it. Republicans have put forth 3 bills to finance the entire government except Obamacare. Then they put forth another that only asks to delay it…that totally finances the government. Harry Reid tabled the bill every time in the Senate, not even letting the Senate vote or modify it. President Obama and Harry Reid have both stated over and over again that they will do NO negotiation over ANY part of the spending bill. Funny, they’ll negotiate with Iran, Russia and Muslim Brotherhood…just not Republicans in Congress doing their JOB…checks and balances. It is the JOB of Congress to do EXACTLY what they’re doing…control a President who tries to grab too much power by controlling the purse. That’s the way our country was designed to work.

          • Birdbranze

            The fact that the government is the biggest employer is the main problem in America. And yes it does mean the admin said it. The park service is part and parcel with the admin. The House tried to compromise with Obama, he refused to listen and HE shut down a small portion of this oversized government!

          • Still Determined

            I think it is fair to state that the Federal Government has ALWAYS been the biggest employer in America.

          • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

            And Christmas turkey’s don’t crap either do they?
            ….tiny troll r u?

          • S Ch Hite

            It WAS the Administration who put the barricades up in the first place !!!

          • Bo Frye

            Steven, Just who do you think told the Park Police to put up those barricades up and why? First it was no tours of the White House and now this. That site has been there for years, the memorial for a few years. People have been able to walk the mall for years. This is someone in this ADMINISTRATION, under the authority of potus, Obama could have stopped it. He wants the people to suffer because he did not get his way. This was directed toward these veterans, nothing in the shutdown justifies putting barricades around this or any other memorial. The barricade should be around his living quarters!
            The government is full of waste and has been shut down at least a DOZEN times in the past. A mind is a terrible thing to waste!!

          • Jill

            Today it has been found that the director of this particular flight asked for and was denied an exemption through the administration liaison. They were told that the government was ‘shut down’ and to breach the barriers were tantamount to trespass. Generally, when one thinks of the consequences of trespass, they imagine the consequence to be arrest, no?

          • Mary Jo

            The WW2 Memorial is an OPEN AIR type memorial that is OPEN 24/7 according to their website. BLOCKADES were newly purchased to inflict pain on the #Republicans b/c of the shutdown. Unintended consequences will be damage to Democrats.

          • Jill Colby

            Congress did their job. They passed a budget, and another and another and another. Senate refuses to accept any of them or to send back a compromise. Quit saying Congress is not doing their job. I am not a big fan, but this time they are getting it right.

          • Jason Finney

            “A shutdown of the countries largest employer is ridiculous and dangerous to our economy.”

            ANY government being ANY countries LARGEST EMPLOYER is RIDICULOUS and DANGEROUS !

          • NachoCheese (D)

            A shutdown of the countries largest employer is ridiculous and dangerous to our economy.

            The fact that the federal government is the largest employer in the country is what is ridiculous and dangerous to our economy.

          • mharper42

            Hey Steven – Most of what today’s federal gubmint is doing is, itself, “ridiculous and dangerous to our economy.”

          • RetiredTpr

            It is the responsibility of the politicians to sit down, face to face, and negotiate their differences. In order to do that, each sixth as to make some concessions. The Democrats refuse to even sit at a bargaining table, much less negotiate! What the Republicans should have done was to do what Obama dîd in his career as a senator was to vote “Present”. The problem would then be placed right where it belongs and that is with this Administration and the Democrats!

          • commonman

            there in lies the problem…our nation’s largest employer is our own government…and you’re bragging about it.

          • Guy Cocoa

            How do you call it a “shutdown” when 80% of federal employees are still on the job and getting paid. I would call a 20% reduction in the federal workforce a good start.

          • Sharon Kidwell

            I disagree. This is Obama’s fault with his never ending spending. The WH has been shut to our school children for about 8 months but that didn’t stop the Obama’s from taking a 25 million dollar vacation to Africa and Martha’s Vineyard. Also, they had their dog flown in on a special trip that cost the taxpayers a hefty sum! This is our tax dollars these people are wasting while we are home worrying where our next meal is coming from or how we are going to pay the electric bill.

          • Ralph Vivo

            Maybe if King Obamas vacation was in the states instead of spending $i00mill over seas & spend that vacation money here all our Memorials & the white house tours would have stayed open!!! God Bless those Vets

        • Annette Hannah

          There are now PAID Mounted Police standing guard on all the open-air FREE Memorials in DC thanks to the most ANTI-America, ANTI-Constitutional muslim terrorist in the WH. But I’ll bet we’re paying for all the secret service to take his lazy a** to the golf course today, huh? They should send the entire secret service home and furlough them – their job is completely irrelevant.

          • Bo Frye

            $320 million to Detroit, millions to Muslim brother or sister hoods, rebuilding mosques in Egypt but we are going to put POLICE at a memorial to block citizens from walking there because of what? Because 15% of all the government is out of work and will be paid later? Obama allows it and condones it and must wear it. Send in the motorcycles. Have you gotten these responses NSA?, do I need to really tell you how I feel?

      • tops116 ✓Quipper

        Isn’t that cute? Steven actually wants proof for claim. Too bad he never does that with the garbage he tries to claim as fact. And why do I get the feeling that Steven would denounce any source as unreliable because it would be an inconvenient truth?

        But yeah, it must be a lie. After all, it’s not like Obama has abused power before, like using the IRS to harass political opponents or using the DOJ to spy on reporters. Oh wait…

        • Doriana Migliara

          He gets his news from Conan

        • Annette Hannah

          you can’t argue with morons — not even worth the effort; people like that are like pigeons playing checkers — they just keeping blathering and knocking off the checkers from the board anyway – they are pigeons. No relevance, no intelligence, nothing.

      • alanstorm

        You’re still missing the point, anyway.

        I realize that liberals are trained to ignore the main point of any discussion and focus on minutiae, but you have taken this to a whole new level.

        Do you realize that this is an open area, with no walls to speak of and that Federal employees were ordered to place barricades around it? This isn’t someone locking an existing door due to lack of personnel. This is building walls to prevent access where no barrier previously existed.

        Now why would an intelligent authority do that? Rhetorical question, we are aware – and stunts like this continue to prove – that they aren’t very intelligent.

      • nosocialism29
      • Jack Burnett

        MOUNTED US Park police are at the memorial this morning en-masse, have barricades and police tape up and look like they’re ready for a confrontation. The lies and spin come from YOUR fraud President Steven.

      • steves_59

        I’d say do your own research, you dolt, but being a Liberal apparently means you’re lazy too.
        You want lies, disinformation, and spin… first, look in the mirror. Then, read Obama’s latest speech.

    • Randy Maze

      We can only hope they will feel the wrath without screwing with our greatest generation

    • Lori Bird

      I dare them to touch our vets. All hell will break loose.

    • Doriana Migliara

      Your lips to Gods’ ear.

    • Fight4Freedom

      I’m sure they are having major meetings right now over what to do. PR shots arresting veterans will NOT go over well!

    • Wolfie

      One hopes.

    • Michaela Daniels

      god i hope the adminstration does that. maybe there will be a groundswell to impeach his a s s

    • Hcon1

      They could away with it if they just dressed down as Obama’s Wild Socialists and ‘occupied’ the memorial.

    • Billy Bob

      Did not 0bama’s administration put out the word to make this as painful as possible? Seems I read that two or three times here on Facebook.

    • celsma

      Some of them stormed Normandy, I dare BO to arrest them. They don’t have time for his “community organizing” they are real warrior heroes.

    • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/100002220220146/ Frances Chute Quinn

      already contacted my two senators about this!!!

    • Psalmist1972

      Sig O-shit-ma! The ass-hole in chief!

    • 19greg45

      I’d like to see the Obammunists try to arrest the next group, which will probably be heavily escorted by other veterans and sympathizers, that comes through. The public sites they want to visit belong to US, WE THE PEOPLE!

    • P. Shirley

      Report is that this 2nd group were allowed in by a NPS person who is being paid to be there with money not being allocated for it—-scratching my head

    • Determined

      Odd – I haven’t read about a single Veteran getting arrested at the WWII Monument in DC. I mean – you told us over and over again that the President had ordered that they be arrested. What happened?

    • Crap Daddy

      Go Ahead Make My Day


      OH NO, THEY BETTER NOT!!!!!!!!

    • Anna Fabian

      Yes, they can count on that!
      These men and women derserves an apology from the white house.Meaning bho directly! I cannot believe the disrespect that was shown to our war heros!
      If they are harressed you can expect to see a lot of ppl desend on wdc!
      It would make egypt look like a pep rally!

    • Fred

      Oh yes, they’ll be arrested!!! The stupid here is hilarious!

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (the true one)

    If I may:

    To all veterans who have served, and all members serving, active duty and reservists, I thank you for all you have give for our freedom.

    Our nation owes you a massive debt of honor.

    • mountainaires

      Thank you!

    • nc ✓s & balances

      It can never be said often enough.

    • Annette Hannah

      AMEN and thank you!

    • Rob W

      It was a pleasure to serve, I had a BALL!

      ’84-’86 2/36 MECH INF 3rd Armored Division, Europe. Deeds not Words.
      ’86-’88 2/502 INF REG 101st Airborne Ft. Campbell, Ky. STRIKE FORCE ! !
      ’04-’11 404th BCT IL Nat’l Guard, Chicago. PRIDE !

      I stand humbled in the shadow of those who went before me…My heart will forever be INFANTRY BLUE….ALL enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC…..

      • Zakasnak

        me too!

        ’89-’93 ET2 USS Acadia (AD-42) Desert Shield/Desert Storm

      • Jay Stevens

        I didn’t always have a ball, and it wasn’t always fun (in either the civilian or military sense), but I enjoyed the 12 years I spent in Germany. Pretty much didn’t enjoy my four Middle East Southwest Asia deployments.

        Jay Stevens
        U. S. Army, retired

    • Barry

      I will say thank you, however more so for those like my uncle who was wounded as part of the marine landing party during WW2, and directed medics repeatedly to others who were “wounded worse.” He would have been there yesterday had he not died recently.Tough, gentle soul. Nothing ever got him down until he died with a broken heart after losing his wife weeks earlier.

  • middlechamber

    If anyone tried to arrest the Vet’s I would hope a MASS of AMERICANS SO LARGE WOULD SURROUND ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER AND DISCUSS WITH HIM THE MORALITY OF THE SITUATION, Then kick his ass off the property

    • Wolfie

      We also need a small army of camera toting Good Samaritans surrounding the event, taking pictures and capturing any abuse of power on film. Don’t allow the WH or his media to spin it.

  • V the K

    The Democrats denounce investigating Benghazi as “playing politics,” Then they go and put barricades around an open public memorial to dramatize the “Shutdown.”

    • Fight4Freedom

      Exactly. It’s all about punishing us because they didn’t get their way – yet.

  • Republicanvet

    Still standing against tyranny.

  • joe johnsson


  • notenoughtime

    Amen! They are the greatest generation that we should all emulate.

  • Rob

    Interesting fact: when these heroes invaded Normandy not a single Nazi on the beach was trained to administer CPR.

    Plus, if barbed wire, machine guns, and mortars wouldn’t keep these guys out of France, what did they expect plastic tape to accomplish?

    • John Rogers

      Makes you wonder, don’t it?

  • Leslie Ward

    My Dad did not live to see such an honor as the WWII Memorial and that is such a tragedy that American Veterans have to wait so long for recognition of what they do at the behest of Congress. The priorities in Congress have been skewed for a long, long time – it’s just now the pj media on the Internet is exposing it all – while the MSM continues to spew Administration talking points.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil ✓Mate

      Same here, Leslie. My Dad died in 1970. I grew up thinking that everyone’s dad was a veteran, because all the ones I knew were. I never considered a monument to them when I was young, because the free world was a testimony to their sacrifice. Slowly but surely, my ungrateful generation (to a large degree), the Boomers, turned the world into a place where their extraordinary service needed a monument.

      The only thing I would change about that monument is to have placed it somewhere else than in D.C. That city isn’t worthy to tie the shoelaces of those heroes.

    • Gramps

      My dad died in 1992. He would’ve loved to have seen this.


    Love our vets… just love ’em!

  • ctmom

    Saw the WWII Memorial over the summer. There is no reason for it to be closed, requires less maintenance than Michele’s wigs.

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      You mean the taxpayer’s pay for that rats nest?

      • ctmom

        and the buff arms.

      • Wolfie

        and the 29 staff members.

        • Kevin_S

          including her own personal twitter manager.

  • Terry_Jim

    Thank you Honor Flight volunteers, vets, and Sen. Harkin, Reps. Steve King, Louis Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann and all who stood up for our veterans at their memorial . #OccupyWWIIMemorial

    • nc ✓s & balances

      I love everything you said, except the label “Occupy” makes me cringe. Too many unsavory associations.

      • guitarman88

        the word was high-jacked by slime a couple years ago. it’s not the word’s fault, it’s just a word. PC sux

      • Terry_Jim

        You are right.

        Besides, the WWII Memorial belongs to the Veterans, it’s the National Park Service- and the White House Office of Management and Budget who directed them to barricade it- who are its Occupiers.

      • Terry_Jim

        You are right.

        Besides, the WWII Memorial belongs to the Veterans, it’s the National Park Service- and the White House Office of Management and Budget who directed them to barricade it- who are its Occupiers.

  • randy kowalski

    looks like its time for the leftist nuts to start throwing false accusations of racism at these guys..they will try to neutralize them the same way they did the tea party…

    • tops116 ✓Quipper

      Might take a day or two, though. I think the leftist nuts are still in shock over the government shutting down and life going on, as well as Obamacare being an epic failure.

  • tops116 ✓Quipper

    Fantastic. Way to go, guys!

  • Raymond Cism

    The Greatest Generation.

  • j p✓ʳᵉᶠʳᶦᵉᵈ

    You mean a SWAT team wasn’t called in? Couldn’t they at least have tased the pace-maker out of some old geezer to make an example of him? How dare they disregard the law of the land?

  • Mark Gruici

    these guys are some people that I personally would not want to piss off.!

  • birdman62

    With the government shut down HOW MANY PARTIES WILL OBLAMER have in the white house?Under the sequester he had the White house tours closed down but yet still had parties!

  • skygirl

    Way to go veterans…..you did the right thing!….Thank you for your service to our country!!!

  • Sloper67

    Remember, these are the men that stormed the beaches in Normandy, and held out in Bastogne. My money is on them over the Park Police.

  • Cathryn Pope

    I was fortunate enough to meet a WWII vet last night and he was sad that he was unable to make it to the memorial yesterday, but he was so proud that his follow veterans did not let this corrupt administration deter them.

  • AZWarrior

    There is another flight coming in today or tomorrow. Anybody wanna go play ‘Citizens’ Escort’?

    • Wolfie

      Bring a camera. Cops don’t like cameras. The idea of their idiot mugs on YouTube committing the atrocities they’ve previously been allowed to deny and irrefutable evidence of them abusing the citizenry sometimes serves to keep them in check.

  • James A. Lonon

    Arrest them and by God there will be a riot like has not been seen since the 60’s! Probably storm the WH.

  • Kannibal Jones

    god bless them

  • Lemrob

    Ther is no reason for the Memorial to be closed. Obama thinks he can do what he wants; but “We the People” know better. He needs to remember whom he works for.

  • Vicki Danielle

    Come on 0bama, you panzy-assed panty-waste.

    You said you would arrest these heroes, go ahead arrest these WWII Vets
    and members of THE GREATEST GENERATION and throw them in jail.
    I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!
    Let’s see what happens to you and your administration in the press then!!!!
    Do it 0bama! THEY CROSSED YOUR RED LINE!!!!!!!

  • Christel Reynolds

    Well…today the mounted police will be there to face these valiant survivors of WWII. My father was a Major General in the US Army Air Corps in the South Pacific during the war. He would have been 100 years old this year. He passed on 11 years ago. I can’t imagine mounted police keeping him out even at 100 years of age. And wouldn’t that be a pretty sight…them arresting our aged heros?

  • AZWarrior

    This is an ‘Open Air’ Memorial. No entry point, no kiosk, no fee. There should be NO restrictions.

    • AZWarrior

      Is Arlington closed, too?

  • keats5

    Let’s get this straight . They’re OUR parks. The government yahoos are our employees.

  • Brent Joseph Fenske

    They stormed the BARRYcades!

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    They DESERVE IT! But, I’d bet Dollars to Donuts some Liberal will accuse the Vets, and Michelle Bachman (who helped these deserving Veterans) of “Tresspassing”, or some other stupid criminal charge… And if that happens, I hope the case gets LAUGHED OUT OF COURT! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • S_O_T_A

    I’m Australian and I want to thank the US veterans who served not just their own country but anyone who loves freedom in the world. Thank you!

    • Steven DePriest

      We appreciate your thanks but want to thank your “Aussie” coastal watchers that kept tabs on the Japanese navy and hid a lot of our fly boys during WWII.

  • MZAZ86442i

    We don’t have a government. We have NAZI’S running our country. An 8-year-old Florida boy was suspended from school after using his finger as a pretend gun while playing cops and robbers with his friends. Dang, when I was a kid in the 50’s I used to play cowboys and Indians. I didn’t play Pioneers and Native Americans. I had two six-shooters, holster, cowboy hat etc. I am so glad I am not just starting out in this F**KED UP COUNTRY that once was a great nation. Being politically correct is like trying to pick a turd up by the clean end.

    • John Rogers

      You got that right

    • redheadgrl

      I know, crazy. My 5-year old nephew picks up a stick and pretends it’s a gun, it’s what boys do. They also make just about anything a ‘car’ to play with.

      • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        True story: Have a friend who has a son a few years younger than my oldest. Her son was coming over one day and she told me she doesn’t let him play with guns. I snickered and said, “and what are you going to do when he uses a stick or his fingers as a gun?” She assured me that wouldn’t happen. Next time I saw him, he had the baddest nerf gun ever. I asked my friend what happened. She said, “well, you were right about that stick or finger thing”. lol

  • Grace656

    These are the people’s parks – it’s high time the people let the politicians (and the media who cover for them) know who’s in charge.

  • old cracker

    The democrats hate veterans. VA compensation and pensions stop Nov. 1, but welfare and food stamps will continue.

  • Biggus_Footus

    I’m not sure about this, but pretty sure… that memorial doesn’t belong to “the government,” it belongs to the People. And if there are any People among us who deserve to visit it, “shut-down” or no, it is the veterans in whose remembrance it was built. More power to ’em. We are indebted to them, those who fell, those who have passed, and those that remain. It’s the kind of debt that our present dictatorial power elite do not and cannot understand.

  • nc ✓s & balances

    These WWII vets, and photos like this one, should be the face of this standoff. BHO & Co. refuse to negotiate about anything, while pulling this crap? MAKE THEM DEFEND IT!

  • Red Fred

    There are more flights scheduled for the men of honor, so I expect the next groups to not get through. Rand Paul stated last night that the memorial is open air and has NEVER been barricaded until this week. How small and pathetic of this administration. Now 165 Democrats have refused to fund the vets. Repulsive, despicable.

  • Annette Hannah

    for the liberal loons on this post who demand proof — get yourself a Twitter account and log in to live tweets yourself; but as USUAL a Conservative has to do everything for the lazya**es who are too ignorant to support themselves:

  • tony

    Once again, the greatest generation is showing the way how to deal with this lawless immoral administration.

  • pokenhorn

    Obama is a malicious, malevolent, nasty s.o.b. The destruction he is wreaking on our nation may be irreversible.

  • Jim Kerste

    The 0bama administration is deliberately TRYING to make the shutdown more painful, just like they did with the sequester.

  • SuperLogic

    The government has to remember who they work for, and who the country belongs to. It is the people’s country, NOT THEIRS!

  • $21114026

    Rome is burning folks. Our angry child president is acting out between his extraordinary vacations and destroying the country these vet fought for. And he knows it.

  • Lawrence Thompson

    You were Heroes back in the day and you are still Heroes today. I salute you

  • [email protected]

    Vets 1 / Government 0 – Right on men.

  • John Howard

    I hope their comrades keep arriving without end and continue to keep this land open to all who fought for it.

  • Piper2

    To All American Christian veterans, vote these far left secular humanist anti-God, anti-American Democrats out of office in the next election and Take our Country Back. These people are more dangerous than a nuclear warhead pointed at America,

  • Hellfighter_Mark_Steel

    So Proud of these Men!!!!!

  • Wilson Paul

    way to go Vets………..

  • nosocialism29

    OMG just read Varney & Co on Facebook and the picture posted show the Government bringing in HEAVIER barricades with bulldozers!!!! We have to go there and fight !!!

    • alanstorm

      Now that I’m skeptical of. Provide a citation.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I hope they aren’t those concrete “Jersey” Barriers…. And if they are, I hope there’s a Conservative Rep who knows how to use a bulldozer… Or a BackHoe! Jawamax 8<{D}

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Wrought Iron… A few people will be able to move ’em… Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Kevin_S

        If they had been “Jersey” barriers, all you need are some cheap gold-colored chains and hair gel.

  • nosocialism29

    It is on Allen Wests sight too. Americans need to stand against this administration and their spitefulness !!!

  • Randy L. Smith

    I wish I lived closer to D.C. only because I would call for a SWARM of people to visit the monuments. Open air monuments should NOT BE CLOSED! Especially to the Honor Flight veterans, but certainly not to any veteran or citizen of the United States!

  • nashvillebassist

    ..,not sure why the left continues to pursue this path. If push comes to shove, it’s not like each side has the same number of guns…

  • E. Roberts


  • Oswald Spengler

    it will help this vets a lot to shut down medicare by cruel insane austerity tea party ghouls…

    • LouisianaPatriot

      Oswald, how can you be a veteran of the military of the United States of America, and not be IN the Tea Party, instead of criticizing it. As a veteran, you should be leading a Tea Party group. Please re-read your Constitution.

    • Msgtdubb

      Herr Spengler: It’s the “Tea Party Ghouls”, that have managed to keep this runaway government in check. Without their constant vigilance this regime would have opened gulags 4 years ago.

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Maybe you should talk to Obama about he cut 500 billion from medicare to pay for Obamacare.

  • nosocialism29
  • Lana Leitner Butler

    How disrespectful of our veterans. It is an OPEN memorial…just like the Wall is, to disallow people from walking around these open spaces is a slap in the face to the men and women who gave their lives for this country and for those lucky enough to come back. Now, my opinion as to why the White House remains closed to tours (conducted by volunteers)…the Obamas just didn’t want the common people wandering their halls.

  • MSGran



    I wonder if they also closed off the Vietnam Memorial???

  • Rinophobe

    So if all the National Parks are closed, why is the Park Ranger at work today? Was she guarding against “intruders” who are the very reason that we have such a monument? Talk about the fox guarding the hen house! We need more heroes like those brave WWII Veterans who weren’t deterred by German soldiers who wore the Nazi uniform, and I can just imagine their intimidation at the sight of a Park Ranger in uniform. Gets me to thinking of Yogi and Boo-boo in Jellystone Park stealing picnic baskets. Did you notice all the Democrats at the memorial greeting the Vets? Neither did I!

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      They let some “non-essentials” (and if they’re non-essential, why would they get their jobs back anyway) off furlough to ensure our vets from the greatest generation can’t get in. Not too surprisingly, as we saw yesterday, they failed.

  • jane

    Good for you! Thank you and thank you for your service and sacrifice for our country.

  • ericsol

    If they can storm a beach they can storm a fence

  • kbielefe

    What I don’t get is they supposedly shut it down to save money,but they put up police tape and post an officer to keep people out. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to leave it open?

  • BruceMacMahon


  • StopThisMadness

    Somewhere in the US, Harry Reid is screaming “ANARCHISTS!”, lol.

  • Jack Burnett

    Well, I guess we can expect Eric Holder to arrest them all for stealing government property.

  • Junie3

    Poor wittle Muslim Brotherhood members, scared of 70+ yr old Vets. I guarantee you this is who this is coming from. They are imbedded in the DHS (why you are frisked and they are not) and it’s why Christianity is targeted, Islam is not.

    • nc ✓s & balances

      Remember, any WWII vet has to be at least 90 (or very close to it).

  • Ann Miller

    May I make a suggestion? We all know that the shutdown is beyond stupid. We all know that both parties and houses of congress are to blame. Having said that – why don’t you folks be grown up and seek to find a compromise solution amongst yourselves. Present it to Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Reid. Also, get some media attention – shame the whiney babies. Present it to the President. Show them what real grown ups can do when tackling a problem.

    • socalcon

      Been napping the past five days, have we?

    • guitarman88

      WRONG, dems in the senate are to blame. republicans have been offering compromises (just not when it comes to oblahblahcare). this is happening because of dems! wake the hell up and change the channel away from CNN

      • Ann Miller

        Sir, you are a shining example of what I mean by “beyond stupid”. Yelling and swearing are an ignorant person’s way of getting attention. Now go do something productive.

        • ForTheRepublicOfDave

          Perhaps if you had the ability to look at the substance of his post (which I will admit, was presented rather poorly), you would realize that the salient issue is that the HOUSE REPUBLICANS did everything they could to prevent this shut-down, and the Senate Dim-bulb-crats refused to negotiate on Obamacare. It’s thanks to the Senate that the shutdown occurred. Why is it that when the Democrats refuses to budge on an issue, it’s “standing tall and proud”, but if a Republican does it, it suddenly becomes “obstructionist”?

        • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

          lol – You say absolutely nothing to defend your position and do a little name calling. Projection much?

        • guitarman88

          well, I did neither so maybe you’re replying to someone else’s post (see “stupid”). yes, I got “beyond stupid” by learning teh facts. give it a try. …or just stay at stupid

    • redheadgrl

      Really, Ann? The house has been working around the clock since last Thursday sending at least 3 “compromise solutions” EVERY DAY. (Meanwhile the Senate was on break all weekend and the President has been out playing golf.) And the Senate, led by Mr. Reid, has either refused to vote on them, or the D majority has voted them down. So, if the news outlets were truly journalists instead of propagandists, the American people would know who is really behind this shutdown.

    • Leader of the Resistance

      Lo-Fo voter, obviously.

    • QueenB ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      No Ann, this is not the fault of both parties. It is the democrat controlled Senate that has refused to pass a budget for 5 years, which is what makes CRs necessary in the first place. The republican controlled house has presented 3 passed CRs that the Senate has refused to vote on or voted down. The democrats in the Senate aren’t even going to show up for compromise meetings. The republicans in the House have sent multiple bills to the democrat Senate that they refuse to even let anyone look at. The democrats in the Senate have refused to look at a bill that will fund veterans benefits. Don’t give me that “well the democrats don’t want to pick and choose”crap, because Obama has signed a law that ensure active military be paid. Good for him, but also proof that Obama is more than willing to pick and choose what to fund, because he knows not funding active military would not turn out well for him. Sorry you haven’t been paying attention at all.

  • Lew Stamper

    Great!!!! Looks like they had a great time. Some looked like they did right after they all got into Normandy.

  • Frank Durman

    They should all be expecting a visit from the IRS for questioning “The One”…

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    What a piece of Excrement in Our Whitehouse!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Pure D i s g r a c e!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P h e w!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oswaldo Le’mon


  • RememberSekhmet

    Per Drudge: Tom Clancy died

  • FilleGitane

    Barry erects the #Barrycades. No matter how his lapdogs spin it the optics are terrible for their grifter president.

  • Oswaldo Le’mon

    You veterans need to learn, you served so Jayzee could sling dope.

  • dogwonder

    Obama’s regime targeted Conservatives via the IRS for abuse, audits and persecution, now they’ve sunk even lower attacking war vets with malice and spite. Obama’s regime has become an oppressive abusive mockery of true democracy.

  • JimSherwood3

    In regards to even the suggestion of the arrest of WII veterans for visiting THEIR WII MEMORIAL – Does anyone else hear the rustling sound of about 10 million “duffle-bags” being dusted off – for a little trip to Washington, D.C. on the 9th of October.

  • 49_67_71_77

    I. am so proud of our veterans. More of us need to follow their lead. Obama is holding the vets hostage as well as our nation.

  • forgetyoutooo

    I am convinced Obama, Holder and Reid want a civil war in this country and will do everything in their power to ensure it happens.

  • Steven DePriest

    This is like trying to tape off the Grand Canyon. This memorial is a 24/7, open air, non-controlled area that doesn’t have any normal barriers up at any time. This was done on purpose. Just like the traffic cams around DC that didn’t show the 2 million bikers during their 9-11 ride on DC,(they ran tape of other days including snow on the ground) this is an attempt to keep Americans from enjoying their freedom.

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      Just more and more Police and Surveillance of Everything and Everyone!
      Where we live is supposedly private property. Yet, is surveilled, and undercover is throughout…Database after Database we are All in. Walk out on the patio after dark and the govt moves around satellites and pull them back out of visual site, fade out and then zoom in really bright into visual site after they move them around and reposition; you can set a stop watch to it…this goes on and on a daily basis… We Wave!

  • Hermine Knob Bouwkamp

    Priceless!!! Go Veterans. God bless you!

  • Razorgirl53

    Maybe this is the occasion that Homeland Security has been buying up all that ammo for – to keep 90 year old veterans from seeing an open-air monument.
    We need those motorcycle folks back that were in DC a few weeks ago to help “patrol” things. A few thousand Harleys circling the Mall while the Veterans were there might make a big difference in how the Park police were paying attention to what was happening behind their backs. Any attempt to keep these Veterans from visiting THEIR monument is not going to be good press. I’m not sure what Harry and Barry are trying to accomplish.
    If there is so much as a scratch on one of those Vets after a confrontation over this there will be HTP. Especially at a privately funded monument. The phrase “Go ahead, make my day” comes to mind.

  • [email protected]

    This is such a joke of how the government believes they OWN the memorials. They do not!!

  • Dick Fitzwell

    These guys faced down the Axis. They’ve been close to death so many times, do those Barney Fife Park “Police” really think that they can intimidate these vets? Those vets shit bigger than any of those overgrown cub scouts! It’s time for us all to follow their lead, and start pushing back, and pushing back hard!

  • John Ansell

    Never cross a world war II vet. Police line, when appropriate, cross it.

  • AlmostaCowboy

    God bless our veterans!

    • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

      Yes, and Obama loves to Disgrace us, and our fellow veterans and our Constitution!

  • TrishL2012

    I love these brave veterans. May God bless them all.

  • Susan Nichelson

    Proud of these men and women, for not letting anything stand in their way of visiting a tribute so important to them!! VERY PROUD!!

  • Wiwwy


  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Why does any American especially a veteran, have to have a permission slip to get a police escort to visit their own property?

  • James Sivertsen

    These ‘closures’ represent the temper tantrums of a petulant child who has had his will thwarted by a usually-lenient parent.
    He shouts, “I’ll SHOW you what I can do! I’ll draw bright yellow lines (with police tape) around all MY stuff, and not let anyone else play with them,” his trembling lower lip protruding in a disgusting pout.
    This, even though the “stuff” doesn’t belong to him and hoarding them costs more time and effort (not to mention money) than would ever be thought necessary…EVER!

  • WilliamK

    How the heck can you justify closing down a “park” when it is an open plaza with a monument or memorial.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mikki-Mead/651323908 Mikki Mead


  • The Donald

    I salute these brave Americans.

  • Mauro Bruno

    Our warriors defend the nation yet again!

  • Leader of the Resistance

    The picture is further proof of the Greatest Generation. And a reminder that mine is the Lamest Generation.

  • 2soon2b4got10

    Obamadinajad warned late Monday afternoon that if the House of Representatives did not agree to a continuing resolution to fund the government after midnight that
    did not curtail the implementation of Obamacare–and that he would therefore
    agree to sign–the Statue of Liberty would be “immediately closed.” Also that of all OUR War Memorials. This are OUR property Obamadinajad. BOUGHT & PAID FOR BY THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS! You don’t own a d*mn thing!

    What does that tell ya? There are plenty of things he could have cut,like paying for full staff employees that weren’t needed…. but what did he do??? The first thing he attacks is our symbol of FREEDOM. Doesn’t get anymore clearer than that. This was DELIBERATE attack on the American people! A blatant slap in the face to every American!

    Again he snubs his nose at American symbolism and exceptionalism.

  • Dexter Alarius

    Here’s the sign that should be there:
    “Park Closed. Enter at your own risk.”

  • Unreal

    Liberals have completely lost their minds. Public parks are the people’s land. If the government isn’t operating then they have no ability to keep people off of their land. The idea that we need a Park Service to allow people onto public lands is ridiculous.

  • Jim Hull

    they sure remember how to storm a blockade!!

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    Barack Hussein Obama has upped the ante at the WWII Memorial. No more just tape. Metal barricades zip-tied together and a contingent of Officers around the entire perimeter. Commander-in-Chief is fearful of an American Tienanmen Square event.

  • http://www.nleomf.org/officers/ FlatFoot

    Barack Hussein Obama has upped the ante at the WWII Memorial. No more just barricade tape. Metal barricades zip-tied together and a contingent of Officers around the entire perimeter now. Me thinks Commander-in-Chief is fearful of an American Tienanmen Square event.

    • rickg62

      So a forklift driver erecting barricades to keep out WWII vets is a more essential worker than the park worker assigned to maintain the memorial. Only in Obama’s America.

      • native son

        He may want to barricade the Brownhouse if he pisses off these WWII VETS enough!

  • Patagonia1245

    That tape absolutely needs to go in a veteran’s museum, if not the Smithsonian itself (also closed, ironically) to tell the continuing story of these brave and amazing men.

  • sjmom

    Go for it Obama and make yourself hated instead of disliked because you and your party will get what you deserve if you arrest any WWII vets.

  • jtangren

    next the NPS will be draping tarps over the Rocky Mountains

  • David Nelson

    Barricades: An essential service? So, I guess keeping people on the payroll to pull out the barricades from storage and set them up is an essential service? Like keeping the power grid open, like keeping the transportation infrastructure operating. Um…yeah. Not political.

  • Wolverine

    WW II vets know how to deal with a dictator.

  • Jerry Cat

    Way to go! Our true heroes deserve better. Maybe the police tape could be auctioned off for an Honor Flight fundraiser!

  • GaylePutt

    It should say “Obama line, do not cross”!!!!! You go vets.

  • Jerry Cat

    If I were a veteran and was threatened with arrest….I would go for it….what a great adventure and show that would be:)

  • twinx

    Suck it, Barry! Oh, wait…. never mind…

  • Rose Rasey Bullock Buss

    Love all our Vets! God bless you for defying the closure of YOUR memorial! Hope we can do this every day…..regular citizens to step up and do it daily!

  • Maus

    So… has the Federal Government become the Feral Government? It sure looks like it.

  • Nick Berio

    Let me get this right- they shut down the Memorials because they don`t have the money to keep them open.
    But, they have to spend the money to keep them closed.
    My bet is it`s costing more to keep them closed than to keep them open.

    • native son

      I like the way you think!

  • Lori

    Love this!

  • mapache

    They should have thrown one of the barricades into their bus. Rick Perry could have exhibited in Texas below the “Come and Take it” flag.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberty-Above-All/152353438273739 LibertyAboveAll


  • Joseph

    God bless our veterans! Do you think the men who faced death, torture, Nazis, and the Imperial might of Japan are afraid of a boy king’s tantrum?

  • JamieD✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    I would have loved to have one of the ‘Government Shutdown’ signs. Now that’s a trophy!

  • Philip Millard

    Today, they WWII vet plan on taking back the Lincoln Memorial….They took Normandy, and at 90+ years old in wheelchairs, they are taking Washington back one memorial at a time. GIVE HELL VETS!

  • David Govett

    It’s refreshing to hear from Americans.

  • Paul Smith

    God bless you Veterans. You know that millions of real Americans stand with you.

    From a fellow Vet.

  • ed leicht

    The government has no right to close down these memorials…they are built and funded by PRIVATE donations…this is obama’s way of showing what a petty little bully he is, by trying to punish the American people…let me tell you zippy…we’ve been punished for the last 4 plus years by you just being around playing at being president…do the country a favor…slit your wrists.

  • ed leicht

    The government has no right to close down these memorials…they are built and funded by PRIVATE donations…this is obama’s way of showing what a petty little bully he is, by trying to punish the American people…let me tell you zippy…we’ve been punished for the last 4 plus years by you just being around playing at being president…do the country a favor…slit your wrists.

    • native son

      Are you sure you didn’t mean petty little bitch? Just wondering. Lol

  • Memphis Viking

    If the Germans couldn’t keep them off the beaches, how did Obama think he was going to keep them out of anywhere they wanted to go?

  • Memphis Viking

    If the Germans couldn’t keep them off the beaches, how did Obama think he was going to keep them out of anywhere they wanted to go?

  • AlCashier

    obama has more of his ‘private army’ guarding the National Mall than at BENGHAZI.

  • AlCashier

    obama has more of his ‘private army’ guarding the National Mall than at BENGHAZI.

  • Bill Baker

    So let me see if I understand this.
    This is an open air memorial that is open 24/7 with no fences or other borders around it. The government shuts down and suddenly the park police need to spend money to locate barricades and have more people patrolling the site then they had security in Benghazi? And the National Park Service states the order came from the White House? Hmmmm. Wonder how many of these vets voted for the clown in the peoples house? And all this to punish those that on any other day would be able to visit and not have barriers or park police around. Why not just take down the barriers and have less security then they have on a regular basis? Wait; I know the answer….It wouldn’t inconvenience people if they did and every time there is a chance to punish people Obama is there to hand it out.

  • Bill Baker

    So let me see if I understand this.
    This is an open air memorial that is open 24/7 with no fences or other borders around it. The government shuts down and suddenly the park police need to spend money to locate barricades and have more people patrolling the site then they had security in Benghazi? And the National Park Service states the order came from the White House? Hmmmm. Wonder how many of these vets voted for the clown in the peoples house? And all this to punish those that on any other day would be able to visit and not have barriers or park police around. Why not just take down the barriers and have less security then they have on a regular basis? Wait; I know the answer….It wouldn’t inconvenience people if they did and every time there is a chance to punish people Obama is there to hand it out.

  • greywulf1064

    Obama – spoiled, bratty, manbitch

  • greywulf1064

    Obama – spoiled, bratty, manbitch

  • GW

    I hope that dude has his tax returns in order…

  • sailorman100

    Closing a monument that requires no federal personnel. Atrocious! Part of the MAKE IT HURT capaign

  • Donald Bly

    Threatening to arrest a 90 year old vet has little meaning to the Vet… after all… they don’t have anything else to do…

  • Psalmist1972

    Sig O-shit-ma!

  • Donald-Now2x/Sarc-w/0calories

    WAY TO GO, that’s a beautiful image of those guys holding the police tape! It reminds me of a modern day IWO JIMA statue! (And please, don’t take offense or think that I’m belittling those vets, I’m really proud of them all)

  • righteousreverenddynamite

    I hate it when Reid and Obama say that in a self-serving way that these honored veterans fought for our “government” when they try to pin the blame for the so-called shutdown of veteran services on the Republicans; they fought for our country, their friends, their family, their wives, and their buddies. I doubt any of them, while dying in anguish in some rotten jungle or rocky field, yelled aloud the name of their Representative, 2 senators, or FDR.

  • KantosKan

    Don’t forget ,all of us vets are now labeled as terrorist.We don’t want terrorist at war memorials now do we.

  • rightthink

    Still Heroe’s. This time they are fighting a different fascist.

  • Dan Jones

    I would just love to see the government put up a road block stopping the vets from visiting their memorials. That would be the tipping point for unrest this country has not seen since Paul Revere rode saying “one if by land two if by sea”.

  • Cato_the_Elder

    Like a bunch of half-hearted Park Rangers were going to hold off the guys who took Normandy from Nazis who had machine guns, zeroed artillery kill boxes and the high ground to boot. Yeah, right…..

  • CaMaven

    Thanks for providing the federal indictment photos for those patriots

  • Donna Fuller

    Love it, love it. So glad these brave Americans didn’t let that little twit in the Oval Office keep them from ‘their’ memorial.

  • pblanton

    We need more of this. The government is there to serve us. Not the other way around.

  • Guest

    I love it that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and other Republican officials opened the barricades themselves to let the WWII vets and their families inside. The fountains and lights weren’t on (of course), but they could visit the memorial. tevowed to keep doing it as long as the veterans came there. :)

  • HonestC

    I love it that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and other Republican officials opened the barricades themselves to let the WWII vets and their families inside. The fountains and lights weren’t on (of course), but they could visit the memorial. She vowed to keep doing it as long as the veterans came there. :)



  • Scott H

    Someone should make them a medal of honor and have it on a necklace that looks like that police tape!!!

  • $474680

    who are they to tell you boys to stay out , obummer the halfbreed thinks he is god

  • DaBear

    God Bess the warriors of the Greatest Generation!

  • whitewolf9

    Take heart People. We CAN win!!!!!

  • SickandTired

    Good for you! Glad you would not be denied access to YOUR memorial! God Bless, Thank You for your service!

  • cmazzJK

    Guess they had one more fight left in them

  • Doug Alexander

    You earned the right to be called AMERICANS. No one has the right to stop you from your memorial that was purchases with private funds! You go GUYS!!! God Bless You All and Thank You For Your Service To Our Country!

  • Paul Pannick

    WWII Vets beat the living crap out of Hitler, the Japanese Empire and Mussolini. Do you think a limp-wristed Bath House Boy from Chicago is a threat to them? Lol! The Greatest Generation just rubbed another dictator’s nose it it. Right on VETS!!!!!

  • Sharon Kidwell

    This administration is over reaching it boundaries – again! They have shut parks in Virginia that get no federal funding. They are giving it their all to make American’s feel any and as much pain as possible. Problem is, 55% approve of the partial shutdown. Those furloughed probably agree with it too! People are really getting sick of Obama!!!

  • Trudy Hill

    hahahaha Obama can’t even hold a red line in a park! LMAO

  • http://www.facebook.com/al-kidya $1018716

    Meanwhile, the SEIU hired protestors at $15 bucks/hour to protest at the WWII Memorial.

  • Massgopguy

    Anyone else notice the RINO de tutti RINO John McCain is nowhere to be found in support of these Vets?

  • Murray

    UMMMM, weren’t these the same guys that stormed the beaches of Normandy? And the 0bama admin thought some police tape would stop them???…. EPIC FAIL.

  • jay spring

    Another example of how Obamas troops curl when people stand their ground.

  • POWR

    “Our people” are under no obligation to give the D-Senate and D-POTUS their hearts’ desires. They do not “have to” pass a CR. The whole mess needs to be cleaned up once and for all YOUR side is afraid of being stained with a compromise solution. Why is THAT side of the table empty? Staged? Like O’s speeches aren’t? Like Harry and Nancy’s appearance last night wasn’t? Your SIDE is big on theater, rhetoric, and bribery, and false promises and pathetically short on effective, long-term solutions. Your SIDE talks about fairness? I call BS on your SIDE.
    Whatever happens, I’m truly relieved to know that you think that Democrats’ grotesque overspending is a good thing. When I am denied Obamacare, I’ll thank you in advance for paying my way. After all, it’s only fair.

  • daniel nichols

    Thank You

  • Whizbang

    The memorials belong to veterans . not politicians

  • Fred

    You do realize who shut down the monument, don’t you? God but you people are stupid.

  • Jeremy
  • Linda M Roeschmann

    Proud of them, time has not taken away their spirit and their determination to fight for their rights as Americans.