Anthony Weiner’s spotlight-grabbing sexting paramour Sydney Leathers visited Sean Hannity’s program and shamelessly grinned through an unapologetic explication of all the terrible things she’s done. If you can’t bear to watch the actual interview, here are ten takeaways for your convenience.

1) Anthony Weiner hates Sean Hannity more than any other conservative. Ever.

2) Sydney Leathers credits herself for taking down Anthony Weiner.

3) Anthony Weiner likes phone sex. A lot.

4)  Woman aspiring to be a porn actress after having phone sex with a married man draws the line at said married man lying his way into office.

5) Leathers thinks she’s a crusader for women’s rights:

6) Weiner is not too talky about his family:

7) Leathers is making good on her hopes for springboarding off of Weiner to a new career:

8) Weiner’s opening line was a Facebook “poke”:

9) Leathers is not being kind to Huma — down with slut-shaming, but up with wife-blaming!

10) According to Leathers, she enjoyed her appearance on the show:


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  • rwnutjob

    Hannity getting nervous about Megyn Kelly?

    • lee martell

      I like Hannity (in small doses), but can’t he share the stage a little bit? He’s had what?,,,17 years on Fox, I believe. In TV years, 17 = 37 years. We need to stir things up a bit, besides, we all know him completely, or think we do. Meagan might surprise us in a good way. I like that Hannity defends the GOP. Maybe he really should just leave tv and run for some office, or accept an ambassadorship of some kind.

      • mickeyco

        He’s sure not going to be an ambassador under Obama.

        • lee martell

          Oh, I don’t know about that. I could see President Valerie J. directing her animated puppet (O-bumbles) to send Sean on ‘an important 3 year mission right in the heart of Islamabad or Pakistan, or better yet Bengazi. If Sean truly loves his country, why, of course he would not let something like personal safety influence his decision, now would he?

          • Moejoe

            Don’t you mean Preezy Va-jayjay? Yeah. I said it.

    • freddy

      They need to add a smart hot Latina who can help with the debate. Tired of bubble blondes.. Megyn is cool but do they test any of these womens voices for that grating effect.

  • David Shrock

    Guess who was at the club, Filner with Weiner.

    • The Penguin

      I believe Carlos Danger made an appearance as well.

      • Don Carlos Danger

        Who told you?

  • Inflames

    Why give this dolt more airtime? And Hannity wearing the “oh Weiner said he hates me the most out of all conservatives” badge of honor is a bit weak. Hannity isn’t really that big of a conservative in the first place. I like the guy but he’s more conservative-light if anything.

    • freddy

      Rubio was his hero and rising young gun.. HaHaHa.

  • Axelgreaser

    SEAN DID WELL WITH HER. SHE CAME TO THE HANNITY RODEO READY TO GET IN HER POLITICS AND TO BASH FOX before she did a Lorena Bobbit and tossed her Wiener into a ditch, and in spite of the fact she was too cagey to allow Sean to ‘lead her’, she didn’t disappoint and ran Wiener through the grinder and made poor mans ham salad out of him. And, imo, she was credible. He should have her back and do the entire show in ‘Sext’s’ to demonstrate what one of our most flawed, sicko politicians does ‘5 times a day’ (with her) when he’s supposed to be working for the people, or now campaigning! I think Sean likes the bad girls and she all but had ‘Bad Girl’ emblazoned on the front of a T-shirt and wasn’t a bit apologetic. Wiener picked on an honest bad girl. Favorite observation from Ms Leathers: “I felt sorry for Huma.” Or words to that effect, sympathizing with another abused woman who ‘stands by her man’, though once Wiener becomes too toxic and blocks Huma’s career, watch her drop him like a hot potato. It’s clearly his (career) she’s protecting only he’s far too low level a politico to, shall we say, rise above it as her boss’s hubby did.

  • David

    Now I think I understand why Sean Hannity is being replaced.

  • JeffWRidge

    It pretty much figures that her name would be “Leathers.”

    • arttie

      Could if be a “nom d’ phone?”

  • Turd Burglestein

    She really enjoyed herself…right up her alley? Is that what she’s calling it now? Her alley? Probably more like an expressway…with a tollbooth.

    • freddy

      that’s funny….

  • Steve_J

    Why would Hannity have her on his show?

    • grais

      He’s as skanky as she is.

    • missplace

      Look how often he has Juan Williams on. He’s the Jerry Springer of Fox News.

  • Dave Turson

    Hollywood movie stars get contracts for big paydays by also agreeing to promote their films in media interviews. I’ll bet Leathers appeared at the “HeadQuarters strip club” because of her deal with a porn company — porn stars nowadays also sign deals/contracts to promote themselves at strip clubs.

  • bill_a_bob

    How does one clean the inside of ones TV?

    • TugboatPhil

      I had Fox News on with the volume off last night. I often just read the crawl while web surfing. I looked up and saw here and didn’t make the connection as to who she was. Then I realized it. I’m so glad I had the volume off.

  • grais

    It was disgraceful on Hannity’s part. He should be ashamed of himself.

    • GrindingMills

      He’s playing with house money to find the next big ratings driver to save his show from Megyn.

  • go go

    Hannity is as sick as Weiner for giving her attention.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Here’s the best takeaway that apparently didn’t make it onto Hannity or Twitter. In an August 5 interview Leathers (a self-proclaimed Dem from IL) did on WLS AM radio in Chicago she named as her political heroes: Jan Schakowsky, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Alan Grayson. With that questionable lineup is it any wonder that she ended up sexting with the Ween?

    • Blargette

      And she hates Bachman.

    • grais

      She was so appalled by Weiner’s behavior that she could hardly wait to indulge in it with him.
      The quintessential liberal, attention-whoring ditz.
      Bless her heart.

  • Magnifico

    Its rotting fish stench seeped out of my television.

  • World B. Free

    “1) Anthony Weiner hates Sean Hannity more than any other conservative. Ever.”

    Even more than Breitbart, who went public with the whole scandal in the first place?

  • mickeyco

    Back in my day, children, no one I knew would want it known, especially by the media, that she had an “affair” with anyone,especially a married man.Of course, none of my friends ever wanted to be a hooker.

  • $14280160

    I question Hannity getting Weiner’s pick for most despicable conservative. I think it was most hated republican maybe, because Hannity isn’t much of a conservative. Hannity only said “He disliked me the most out of…” and didn’t finish that sentence. I think Glenn Beck gets most hated conservative for and it would be Breitbart if he was still around. If Hannity actually is Weiner’s least favorite conservative, I suspect it’s either for the same reasons I don’t like Hannity or because GB mostly dropped off the media radar.

  • right_on

    Sorry, this does not qualify as being Hannity-worthy.

  • Right Wired

    I don’t think Weiner was talking about his ‘cats’.

  • RockThisTown

    Mrs. Carlos Danger slams Mrs. Anthony Weiner. How refreshing to see a mistress with standards!

  • RobTaylor

    How come no one is talking about the content of Carlos Danger’s sexting? Didn’t he want to choke her with his member or something? Seems like a bigger deal than what some girl with horrible parents thinks.

  • Don Carlos Danger

    Admit it everyone, you’d buy the video. She’s a firecracker! She can bad mouth me any day. I love it.

  • JD Son

    Your 15 minutes of fame were over….15 minutes ago lady.