Barone, Senior Political Analyst at the Washington Examiner, hasn’t tweeted since October 2012:

And here’s why:

C’mon, Twitter!



Great news!

  • nc

    I don’t get it. Why would Twitter have anything to do with Barone’s “access” just because he blew the election call?

    (which btw, could very well have been due to election fraud)

    • Love of Country

      Yeah, I can’t possibly believe the GOP had a smaller turnout in 2012 than they did in 2008 …. I just don’t accept it. Nor do I accept 100% turnout in many black precincts …. I think some had over 100% turnout. It’s all a scam of the highest order and you’re just a racist if you want fair elections!

      BTW – Nobody has seen or heard from Dick Morris since the elections, either …. it’s like he’s in the Witness Protection Program, for crying out loud. But so the question is did he really completely botch all of his predictions that badly or was the entire election simply stolen right from under us with rigged machines and the like?

      • nc

        Inquiring Minds want to know…so that eliminates the lapdog media.

        Don’t think they needed to rig the machines. Why do you think they’re raising such a stink about the Photo ID requirements?

        • Love of Country

          Just because they think it makes them look like they’re looking-out for black people. It’s all about keeping black Democrats in a state of hollow outrage against Republicans. It facilitates the DNC with infecting the black community with Stockholm Syndrome, IMHO.

          And either machines were rigged or certain poor black precincts (which are littered w/ dysfunction) somehow managed to show up and vote at a rate of 100% or better in some precincts, no?

          • nc

            I think rigging the machines is way too complicated and easy to “catch.” Since so many places didn’t even bother to check ID’s, a much simpler, foolproof method would be multiple voting. And I believe it was organized.

            But, LofC, I certainly agree with your first paragraph.

          • Love of Country

            Admittedly, I know nothing of how these union machines work but I believe they’re digital and that means the people who wrote the software programs (Democrats) have the ultimate control on how these machines work. I believe they are tainted but that’s just my opinion.

    • mwill

      there was no wide spread election fraud…it was contained to the 5 or 6 states Obama needed to win to steal the 2012 election. I cant prove it but I know it happened.

  • Georgia Blue

    @MichaelBarone ‘s account is not suspended. I be he was hacked.@Twitter

  • Karin_A

    I don’t get it either. What’s going on here, what’s the problem? Twitter allows all those countless death threats (which I don’t understand, either).

  • TJ

    Did he forget the password and/or was it hacked and the forget password reset e-mail was changed. Did he forget what e-mail the reset went to. Time to open a new account and let the that handle go dark. No one is using it under his name and it is unlikely someone would if he started tweeting under a new name and get that verified.