Miley Cyrus craves attention, but her new selfies have some fans wishing she’d crave a sandwich:

Is the troubled starlet getting too thin? Plenty of tweeters seem to think so:

She wouldn’t be the first young woman with body image issues.

We certainly hope she’s all right.



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  • CatHerder

    Somebody buy this child an ice cream, fer chrissakes!

    • arrow2010

      No get her a chicken dinner with vegetables and rice! Have to keep a good balance of fats & proteins.

      • CatHerder

        That AND the ice cream.

  • MarcusFenix

    She needs a cheeseburger…..and a new hairstylist, because someone forgot to tell her that her hairdresser put a rooster on her head.

    • Jeremy

      Her hair is awful and yeah she is too skinny.I think her hair is the worst of the two.

  • Jeremy

    She needs to go to an all you can eat buffet.

    • Jeremy

      She is out of control and this is just one of her problems.

    • arrow2010

      She needs a few quarter pounders.

  • Michelle

    Go back to the top, re-read all those tweets and read the word “skinny” as “fat”. Imagine all the outrage if people made those tweets about a fat person. #DoubleStandards

    Having been on the receiving end of rude and unsolicited opinions about the size of my body, I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that society thinks it’s acceptable to be so generous with their negative opinion just because it’s being said about a thin person, but God forbid you be negative about a fat person.

    Here’s an idea – some women simply fluctuate in weight by 10-20 lbs all their lives, I am one of them. And when my body goes down in weight, it doesn’t mean I am not eating or doing it on purpose. I eat like a horse, I eat more than most men I know, perhaps I just have a blessed metabolism and folks oughta just mind their own business.

    Even when I’ve been at my thinnest (a Size 2 and I’m 5′ 7″), not even my Doctor was worried, so no clue why people felt the need to question my health or tell me to “eat a hamburger” My cholesterol is 114. My BP is 90/60. My resting pulse is 72. That’s hella healthy, more than most “acceptable” sized people.

    Hey, I know! Let’s all worry only about our own body size and health, and leave others alone.

    • Cait

      I think there is a obvious difference between a regular person who is experiencing normal weight fluctuation (I agree it’s rude to comment about) and a self obsessed celebrity who is using her weight loss, among other things, as an attention seeking device (kind of sad and worrisome). If she had recently ballooned to 300 lbs they’d be saying the same thing because it would also be lumped in with her other questionable behavior.

      • Michelle

        My point wasn’t about her behavior as a celebrity, it was about all those tweets and these comments trashing a thin person. It absolutely is as rude as trashing as overweight person. It’s not OK. The only body a person needs to be concerned about is their own.

        • Cait

          I tend to agree with you. People often make comments like “OMG you’re so skinny, eat a hamburger!!!” and think it’s perfectly fine because in our weight obsessed culture, it’s almost seen as some sort of reverse backhanded compliment. It’s not okay, but I think that’s why people think it’s less hurtful than “OMG you’re a fat whale!!!”.

          My feelings specifically regarding the comments about Miley Cyrus are that her weight loss coupled with her other recent behavior points to her going down a destructive path (perhaps, obviously can’t say for sure). I think in this instance, comments about her weight are not completely unwarranted.

        • Batman

          Nope. Not when she’s a celebrity and millions of young girls idolize her. Then there’s a problem. If she was a complete stranger, people would care less. You get that right?

          • Michelle

            No, I don’t get that.

          • Michelle

            No, I don’t get that.

    • seek456

      are you Miley? If not….
      (you should have found a better Dr.)

      • Michelle

        If all things about my body pointed to I was perfectly healthy, but at times have been on the thin side, I should have found another Dr.? Better yet, you should work on your preconceived notions.

    • Maxx

      5-7 and size 2. Work it Michelle. lol With 114 and 90/60, that’s awesome. It’s usually those who are struggling with their own self esteem and weight that are most vocal about others. For a good part of my life, I was 6-4, 170-lbs. Ran a mile and a half in 7:08. Could eat ungodly amounts of food without gaining a pound but eventually, the metabolism slowed down. I lost track of how many people thought I needed to “eat more” back then when in fact, I played basketball for three hours a night and often finished the evening with a large pizza and STILL was thin as a rail.

      Miley seems healthy enough physically. She’s young. People need to relax and stop trying to shove grease wheels down her throat.

      • Michelle

        Thank you Maxx – you get it! I used to work out 5 days a week – lift weights/cardio and eat 5 times a day and would get so tired of people saying, “You need to eat something!” or “Are you anorexic?” My friends who knew how much I ate would laugh at the nonsense. Same here, with age the metabolism has slowed and I guess I must be an acceptable-to-the-public weight now because people don’t share their opinions with me anymore.

        • Kaya Hund

          Talk about your body much, Michelle?

          • Joe

            She’s a step away from walking up and down Hollywood boulevard with sandwich board screaming; “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!” Oh, also while eating a sandwich and chanting “OUT OF THE PANTRY AND INTO THE STREETS!!!!”

          • Joe

            …and yeah, yeah. I’m not “getting” the point. I’m sure she’ll post another 20 paragraphs explaining the finer points of body image. This gal is committed.

      • Michelle

        Thank you Maxx – you get it! I used to work out 5 days a week – lift weights/cardio and eat 5 times a day and would get so tired of people saying, “You need to eat something!” or “Are you anorexic?” My friends who knew how much I ate would laugh at the nonsense. Same here, with age the metabolism has slowed and I guess I must be an acceptable-to-the-public weight now because people don’t share their opinions with me anymore.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      I hear ya Michelle… being accused of aneorexia on several occasions, I understand. I eat what I want, bp about the same as yours, once hovered around 90/50. I’m 40, 120-125lbs and 5’7″. Still wearing size 2-4. I enjoy food… and I can’t stand vomiting… which is why I don’t drink alcohol. Getting put down for being skinny is almost as bad as getting put down for being fat; I said ‘almost’, but the conclusion is still based off of misperceptions, and the judging of books by their covers.

      • Michelle

        Bingo KAdams – we’re in the same boat. Folks who haven’t been there will never get it.

      • Michelle

        Bingo KAdams – we’re in the same boat. Folks who haven’t been there will never get it.

    • IronButterfly

      I agree calling someone out based on their weight rarely has the desired effect, But what is true is that some young girls start dieting just to look thinner but then cannot stop and it leads to an eating disorder that can lead to years of mental and physical pain, Also, anorexia is the number one cause of death among mental illnesses.

      Does MS Cyrus have anorexia? I don’t know. Could she be on her way to anorexia? Yes. An eating disorder is surely not confined to celebrities but the pressure they are under is magnified by that very celebrity.

      Also, most doctors are terrible at diagnosing anorexia. The number one problem in dealing with an eating disordered person is denial of the problem. .

    • Kim

      Thank you. It floors me that people have the gall to tell me I’m a stick and need to eat some burgers without realizing how insulting that is to someone – anyone – 5’1″ and naturally thin. Like you could go up to someone who’s slightly overweight and say, “You’re a chunker, maybe you should switch to rice cakes.”

      • Michelle

        That’s exactly what it’s like. Lost count of how many times people who don’t know me well have said, “You should eat more!” Um, when working out regularly, I eat 5 times a day – how much more do they expect me to eat? And yes, it really is as rude as me going up to an overweight person and saying, “Have you considered eating less?”

        • Kaya Hund

          Wow — you skinnies need to find your own website. Hang out there.

  • perdogg

    She looks like Brigitte Nielsen’s mini-me

    • Garrett Gripling


  • TJ

    Other then the diaper the other day, she did not look all that bad or skinny. Might be a funny mirror in a rather modest hotel room. If that is her bedroom that sure is small.

    Paparazzi really are losing big bucks when the targets are just
    releasing shots free to the world that are worth big bucks if exclusive.

  • descolada9

    Heroin diet? Trying to get into the runway model business??

  • bossmanham

    Not hot..

  • Cajun

    uhh, who really gives a f*** if this no-talent fool turns to a whole skeleton, then dries up and blows away. The world will be losing,,,,,,,,,,not a d*mn thing.

  • Zathras11 @B5

    Some of us prefer slim (or athletic) women. Don’t hate.
    That said, she is strange.

  • ycavaz

    “Miley cyrus is way too skinny.”

    lol. I wish I had that problem.

    • Michelle

      It’s really not all it’s hyped up to be. Unhappy people trash and bash a skinny woman’s body just as much as they trash and bash a heavier woman.

  • ernst1776

    This girl is an tragically early death waiting to happen.

  • Joe W.

    That’s what drug abuse will do to you.

  • 912er

    Did anyone else hear what Miley had to do to get initiated into the Illuminati?….Its not something I can repeat in public.

  • CombatDiver

    She looks like a prepubescent boy with a terrible hair cut and bad taste in clothing.

  • $30423294

    I am no psychologist, but looking at her picture, I recall that another child star, Michael Jackson, did the same thing, went for the same look, a creepy disembodied look.

    One gets the sense that these kids, when they get older, seek the visage of dolls. Not just dolls but creepy dolls.

    It’s like they are scrawling a secret message to their parents to say “hey mom and dad, did you ever wonder if I noticed you turned me into an object for the purpose of stardom and money? guess what? I NOTICED.”

    Yeah, that’s what I sense is going on in these child star cases.


    How can we miss Miley (and that weirded-out Amanda gal) if they won’t go away?

  • Edolicious

    Who cares? She’s made her choice. If she dies from her actions, why should we feel sorrow?

  • arrow2010

    I don’t get this anorexia thing. Why not just eat healthy foods and exercise?

    • Michelle

      Who says she has anorexia? You suggest eating healthy food and exercising, but the funny thing about that is…people like me who eat healthy and exercise become very lean and small, and then people like you accuse us of having…anorexia.

      • arrow2010

        Look just because I’m an obese pig monster doesn’t mean you have the right to judge me.

        • Michelle

          Thanks for making me laugh and I know you get my point. 😉

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Yes, they do.

  • $472942

    Who cares?

  • rambler

    Another young pup whose life is becoming a train wreck.

  • detroit19

    Maybe if you got off her ass for a second?

  • ratizbad

    Cocaine usually the problem with the elite.Let’s go get some more? I have plenty of money?

  • LegalizeShemp

    “I think she looks great, back off bitches ! ” Sincerely, Amy Winehouse

  • neoface

    You know the saying, for a woman you can’t be too rich or too skinny. Unless you become Karen Carpenter then you died.

  • Sharkteeth

    I am too old to look at this but , she needs to order a bucket of KFC for a week.

  • Batman

    Dang…she needs a mentor. Hollywood corrupts these girls’ minds. I hope she’s not doing coke…

  • praymorenow1

    Leave me alone!
    No, look at me!
    No, don’t stare at my unique greatness!
    No, please look at me!
    I’m not a Disney clone!
    I am a clone of Lindsay, Beyoncé, Kim, and any other famous online/cyberworld new media famous star. …..
    When Miley is done w/ her transformation from a 5’10” young woman w/ talent and ability, to a 5’10” rail thin, ‘don’t want to be a girl, want to look like a pretty boy’ period, let us know.
    Not hard to see Miley wants the world to stare at her ‘once in a lifetime greatness’.
    Looking like Justin Bieber in drag is just a coincidence.
    I’d suggest eating a little more fruit, bread w/ your salad, some protein drinks, and backing away from the pot, pot, more pot, meth, booze, pot, meth, and pot………..a little more too.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Holy crap, she’s 5’10”? She looks-a-shorty to me. Again, to be fair, if she’s smoking weed, she’s probably eating a lot. Munchies, don’ ya know. Can’t speak about the other stuff though, and I don’t drink alcohol.

    • Lisa Dean

      She’s only 5’5″

  • Joel A. Edge

    Whatever. Make bad choices and die early. It’s a free country.

  • themeh

    I’m sad this thread even exists. Who cares? Why is it considered acceptable to comment on, criticize and analyze women’s bodies in this manner? I mean, she’s in her early 20’s. Speaking as a young woman, many of us see our weight fluctuate noticeably throughout our 20’s without us dramatically changing our habits. She may be perfectly healthy.

    Ca you imagine how silly we’d all feel if this thread were about a man’s body? It’s because that never happens! Hashtag double standards.

    • LegalizeShemp

      Uhh, maybe it’s because almost the entire entertainment media obsesses over the shape of women’s bodies, as do most of you women.

  • $29520529

    Trying to fit in with the Hollywood original crowd? They all kinda look the same – used. Sad.

  • Rodney Brungardt

    “why is Miley Cyrus so ridiculously skinny” Simple, because there are those is this world who will throw insults, demonize, and intimidate little girls into thinking anything other than this “super model” thin is fat. Makes me ill when you hear someone call a size 10 or 12 lady fat. Curvy ladies are sexy ladies, Period!!

  • Stephanie Warren

    My biggest complaint isn’t her weight, it’s that weird justin beiber hairdo.

  • Lisa Dean

    When I see pictures like that I’m reminded of Karen Carpenter. #trulysad

  • $25753324

    Malnourished horse?

  • Dee

    Okay, I don’t get it. She is the same size as every celebrity female.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I don’t know what’s worse: looking like you’ve been on a 2-yr hunger strike or thinking that that’s an attractive or healthy look.