Duff, a world champion pistol shooter, is in Houston at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings. Sean Hannity and Katie Pavlich are also there, and Duff was pretty darn stoked to meet them:

So would we!

Sounds like the feeling is mutual.


  • CatHerder

    Me and the son-in-law are going there tomorrow. Hope it’s not too crowded to get in.

    • Clayton Grant

      I’ve been wondering how big the anti-2nd crowd turnout will be. Let us know!

      • CatHerder

        Will do.

  • Blake Waymire

    Anyone else noticing that the majority of women in the shooting sports are very attractive?

    • Ronald Green

      I’d like to go shooting with either one, but my shooting skills would be a bit diminished cause of a lack of concentration. :)

      • http://reaganff.tumblr.com/ reaganFF

        Ain’t gonna lie… my concentration would be diminished as well.

        And I’m a happily married woman. 😉

  • alvin691

    Jessie cleans up pretty good.

  • Edwards John

    Classy lady,looks better all over more than anywhere else.

  • Elaine

    More pretty conservative ladies who think with their lady smarts and not their gorgeous lady parts! No wonder ugly to the core liberal women are jealous.

  • bri


  • MikeTX62

    My brother and I are going to the show Sunday. I’m sure sorry to have missed Sean, Katie, and Gov Palin, though.

  • BobVa112

    Jessie Duff is a cutie.

  • alanstorm

    Gorgeous, smart, and heavily armed – what’s not to like?

  • Lurker

    Jessie Duff looks like a younger version of Michele Bachman