It’s tough keeping track of your pills and bills when you’re constantly worrying about Sarah Palin’s uterus. Andrew Sullivan knows that better than anyone, so he’s asking for help:

I’m looking for someone to help me get my life better organized so I can focus more effectively on the Dish, journalism, writing, thinking. The job includes everything that you can imagine: from managing my calendar, setting up travel arrangements, dealing with press inquiries, to handling my in-box, helping me manage real estate, occasional dog-sitting and walking, keeping track of my regimen of medications with doctors and insurance companies, and the conventional office-work the job usually entails.

What that job entails, according to Sully, is being “pro-active in getting shit done.” The pay is “modest,” but the life lessons are sure to be invaluable. Who wouldn’t want to seize this sweet, sweet gig?

Yeah, we’re guessing it might get dirty …

Actually, we know a guy who might be interested:

Those two crazy kids might just find a way to make it work!

  • Elaine

    Will someone please send him binder?

  • DeBaliviere

    Andrew Sullivan seeking someone to “handle his in-box” = Hostile Work Environment

    • Joe W.

      Use surgical gloves….

  • twinx

    I hear Sandra Fluke is free…

    • DeBaliviere

      …but not crab-free. :-(

      • twinx

        All the better!

    • Joe W.

      That’s not what I hear on campus….

    • Guest

      AND she gives air miles…

  • jetch

    hmmm, he doesn’t mention anything on benefits like health insurance, vacation, time off. How much you wanna bet he isn’t paying for any of that, especially health insurance?

  • Stephen K

    If you apply, better make sure all your shots are up to date.

    • Elaine


  • DeBaliviere

    Adam Carolla built a pirate ship. Now Andy Sullivan’s building a buƗƗ-pirate ship. ♂♂

    • Slapweasel

      A little ‘slur-ry’, but I’ll bite.

      …That gives a whole new meaning to “raising the jolly-roger”.

  • Jeremy

    suddenly millions of personal assistant job seekers screamed all at once.

  • Jeremy
  • Joe W.

    Must be able to care for the stable of gerbils…..

    • Brian H (wackobird)

      AKA-“Death Row”

  • Guest

    Extra consideration given to someone who is a devout pansexual Socialist,
    easily dominated, having no teeth and large, protruding ears.
    Oh wait….does Obama have real teeth,
    just askin’

  • Hand of Doom

    So, what exactly is this “Modest” salary for a lean operation Sullivan is hring at?

  • BAW

    Yeah I am sure that someone capable of dealing with press inquiries, managing real estate, efficiently handling all the “conventional office-work” will be thrilled to walk his dog, keep track of his medications and pick up his laundry too. My daughter and I joke about what a great personal assistant I am but we both know she couldn’t pay me enough to do all of that for her.

  • TocksNedlog

    Don’t handle his in-box! DO NOT ‘handle’ his in-box!!! By all that is holy, don’t handle . . .

  • FaithColeridge33

    Don’t forget to bring loads of milk.

  • lillymckim

    Chris Matthews?

  • CBDenver

    Looks like Sully is looking for a wife…